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gaia_angelleft Hello there! gaia_angelright
My name is MissJennaSmile and I enjoy reading, being on gaia, changing my avi way too often, mimicking you, being bisexual, learning about different sexualities, learning in general, being an agnostic, and being heart awesome heart emo nerdy emo biggrin me biggrin !
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Very Nerdy SmiGan

I'm me, ya know?


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Javier Cross Report | 10/18/2012 5:04 pm
Javier Cross
Happy birthday. smile
xSin Slithertonguex Report | 09/18/2012 11:04 am
xSin Slithertonguex
Beyond Resplendent Report | 01/24/2012 4:10 pm
Beyond Resplendent
Javier Cross Report | 01/22/2012 6:51 pm
Javier Cross
How fares your role-playing, in fact? sweatdrop
KILLER5560 Report | 01/21/2012 11:01 pm
Sup Hows life??
Fantasia the Bard Report | 01/21/2012 11:56 am
Fantasia the Bard
Thanks smile
Javier Cross Report | 01/19/2012 8:21 pm
Javier Cross
Its great, even though I have yet to explore the state in particular, yet, or I'd be more familiar with Tacoma than I actually am, by now. sweatdrop
Not a Problem, but I meant it mainly at the lady you locked lips with, I wonder if she has a Gaia account or a Tumblr account, actually.

Yeah, pray that bill doesn't come to pass, its already bad enough that the Books forum in general seem to have lacklustre debaters on Gaia online, alone, which is enough for me to pray the rest of the site isn't like that. sad

Gin seems rather small, in there(and I know that Original!-Ginevra Potter's rather small for her actual height, but still...) I can't quite figure out why. confused



Either of these links show my latest response, by far. cool

To be honest, depending on how its set-up, the Potter-world vs .hack has potential to be epic, but we gotta make sure the sharpest debaters are involved or it'll be mismanaged to Tartarus in a heartbeat or less, alright?
I don't think its the best time to suggest Harry James Potter vs Haseo yet until the former gets Auror training(among other things) in fact, but Ginny vs Atoli CAN still be doable, if done right, I hope.
Although that was digression. sweatdrop
Javier Cross Report | 01/19/2012 7:50 pm
Javier Cross
I live in Tacoma, Washington, in the U.S, so like I said before, I'm north from you. sweatdrop
It must be really hot/hawt having to lock lips with another female, was said female in question anywhere near such hotness/hawtness, if I may ask? razz emotion_drool

Not bad, not bad at all. emotion_dealwithit

http://i620.photobucket.com/albums/tt282/The-Dark-Latias/Hack GU/HaseoAndAtoli.png

But how about this? biggrin

To be honest, I never felt I had quite so much fun in Gaia online, for a while until now, is it alright for me to be honest about that?
Javier Cross Report | 01/19/2012 5:36 pm
Javier Cross
So that means we both live in the United States of America, just that you live south of me, right? surprised '

Also, I'm daring you to try to find an image of Harry and Ginny of the Potter-world that's gonna top the following link with HaseoxAtoli/Ryou MisakixChigusa Kusaka, like this!


I have a gut hunch that tells me you'll eventually find one suitable image for this, and it'll be fun IF and when you do, alright?

P.S: Are you going to answer the question whether or not you locked lips with another female in public comments or must it wait in an IM?
Javier Cross Report | 01/17/2012 10:37 am
Javier Cross
As a proud geek who fights to know what the Tartarus he's doing, believe me when i say, as a Potter-world Geek who's studying up on .hack, that if you have Ginny and Atoli(As her Real World!-self, Chigusa Kusaka) together in a meaningful conversation or two, it will be full of intrigue, that's for sure. cool

Methinks we don't live in the same nation, let alone the same continent, right? sweatdrop
Although I am not sure if you locked lips with other females in Real life, before, if you did, can I describe how win-worthy would the idea be? redface


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gaia_diamond What's with all these girls making a duck face, chucking up deuces everywhere? gaia_diamond

Errydaii Imma tumbling! And it is probably porn.


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