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Virgo Personality Profile

Virgos have a knack for detail work and sorting and organizing both information and objects. They tend to compartmentalize things in their own minds and to view the world through an analytical lens. As a result, Virgos are rational, practical and adaptable. However, on the negative side, they have a tendency to fuss over little details and in some cases suffer from obsessions and compulsions.

Practical Skills and Talents

Many Virgos have talents in science, linguistics or mathematics. They tend to excel in medicine, biology, nutritional science, editing, writing or accounting, and are often good at crossword puzzles and other word-related pursuits. Additional Virgo talents include design and research. Virgos are perfectionists and whatever they do, they need to do it thoroughly and get it exactly right or they feel dissatisfied.

Diplomatic and Introverted

Intelligence, modesty and diplomacy enable Virgos to get along well with most people, though they like to spend time alone and may prefer the company of animals to that of people, unless they have many fire or air signs in their natal charts. Even the more extroverted Virgos will usually hang back in social situations until they’ve assessed the people around them. They don’t like to put themselves forward until they know what sort of people they’re dealing with.

Cautious and Choosy

Virgos are cautious in most of their endeavors. They like to examine all variables before making decisions, and they are slow to trust because they don’t like to be vulnerable. Because of this, Virgos don’t fall in love easily and they are very choosy about their mates and friends. They are drawn to people through intellectual curiosity rather than shallow physical attraction or passion. Virgos need intellectual stimulation, and will quickly grow bored in the company of those who make small talk rather than speaking of serious, important things.

Frugal and Reliable

Virgos are cautious with their money. They live frugally and don’t make frivolous expenditures, unless the ascendant falls in a more extravagant sign. Purchases are usually well thought out rather than made on a whim. Virgos deal with stress by working on things, making things, cleaning things or analyzing things rather than by shopping.

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OdysseusX Report | 10/15/2009 2:41 pm
Whoa you already got lots a friends! I'm so proud of you!!
Anywho whats up!? I'm Chris or Ody w/e you like~!
Tcourt92 Report | 10/15/2009 1:23 pm
HI! thanks for bumpin my double bump thread! smile



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