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drabble to the max. pshaw.

uhm. it's just drabble, 'nuff said.


My utter drabble.

I am:
a Potterholic, hardcore style.
a crazy environmentalist, who might join Greenpeace many many moons from now.
an extreme procrastinator.
a slight bibliophile and would be a total one, but I'm just a poor college kid.
really small for my age and often mistaken for a middle schooler because of it (much to my chagrin).
a bit of a seamstress.
according to some (aka many) the internet.

I less than three:
teh gaidin, actually I wuv teh gaidin (which is my dorky, non-cliche way of referring to my boyfriend).
drinking coffee constantly.
teh smecks, Mr. Darcy (who I have permission to have an affair with if the situation arises, but alas it never will).
Ron Weasley, for he is the king.
the amazing Recycled Bookstore that is painted lavender (which I call the purple bookstore in actual conversation).
The Princess Bride, both book and movie.
using big words and British slang randomly, both of which confuse people to no end.
making random parenthetical comments when I ramble.
acoustic music. pretty voice guitar=love
old cliche movies (that aren't really cliche since they are what it sprang forth from)
Broadway-style musicals, heck just musicals in general.
randomly dancing when no one else is around.

I abhor:
bad grammer.
stupid people.
hiphop music.
being cold and wet simulantiously.
being cold in any way, shape, or form.
people on my college campus who speak eubonics, wear their pants at their knees, and are like "foo' I so gh3tto!1!". Honestly kids, this is suburbia.
my stupid breathing issues

I have:
a wonderful gaidin.
a low threshold for stupidity.
a Jane Austen addiction.
an even worse Harry Potter addiction.
a gigantic stuffed animal collection.
a weasel for a king.
the ability to get my will across using various strange sounds, including, but not limited to, mer, menurp, eep, meh, etc.
this horrid thing called asthma. X_x
pretty freaky allergies
a feline who is going senile and thus yowls at the walls of my closet at 3 am
to stop babbling now.

I say...

It's only forever. It's not long at all.

You say...

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IceeWitch Report | 03/17/2010 7:44 pm
hey you came online and I missed you!
(hope everything is good in life!)

IceeWitch Report | 07/14/2009 9:21 am
The good news is I have my account back!
artamuss Report | 03/16/2009 1:15 am

i ish old now surprised
Green Juniper Report | 11/17/2008 12:33 pm
Green Juniper
Asami Tamura Report | 10/14/2008 11:49 am
Asami Tamura
thanks fer the purchase!
IceeKat Report | 09/23/2008 8:24 pm

Do you even know who I am?
IceeKat Report | 09/22/2008 7:24 pm

your hairstyle is totally purtty!

[/country american accent]
myuki8459 Report | 07/23/2008 3:51 pm
is the pink dress in the enchanted book 5th gen. if so how do get the item out of the book.
Professor_Adonis Report | 07/05/2008 7:42 pm
Would you like an ID made for you?

I could ask MLT to do one free of charge.

After all you have helped us in the guild many times.
iDont Cry Out Report | 07/05/2008 1:24 pm
iDont Cry Out
thanks for buying.!!!!

I have donned....


I vennel luin.