Baa Baa Black Sheep...

"Is minic cuma Aingeal ar an Diabhal fein"

So if I die before I wake
The innocent one whose heart could never break
Lift me up, take me out of this bed
Watching the angels shake their heads
Don't feel sorry for me baby, honey don't you cry
You can sell all of my clothes
You will forget me by and by
I'll be riding that train, I'll be singing that song
But I won't be gone for long
'Cause the angels won't have it

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Eyes of Innocence

Everyone has something to say, but not everyone has someone who will listen...



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nice profile

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OuO Happy Prince

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OuO Happy Prince

long time no see ^w^ HELLO!!! ^w^/

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Hey Miss!!!!! come back to the guild The World Outside of Manga and Anime!!!! we miss you!!!!!!!!!

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I not know .how can add make you

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Well I saw Your thread on the forums in u wanting avi art... I can draw ery well and will take your offer if this position is still avilible. I really think you will like it if you let me draw you one. Plus I will even redraw the picture until you like it. I hope you let me know if ur intrested. I will draw both for you if you would like for only 2000 gaia gold. PM me if you accept or don't. thanks!


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try this out this really works! send this to: 5 people-50g 10 people-1k 15 people-29k then press ctrl+w when the window closed, login again your account and check your gold amount
arora deathstar wolf

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arora deathstar wolf

Darkness come in where light once was fill the heart with the dark
yuni wulf -- Alpha Angel

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yuni wulf -- Alpha Angel

*sniffels n wants to cry* I no like the poem you added, it makes me wana cry.

Im the reason you wrote it arent I! well, I sure hope youll be getting on more!

I relly miss you, relly relly miss you. Im soory if I made you feel tht way User Image

umm... I guess Ill go now. Luve you User Image

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hey try this send this comment to at least 10 people. then press f5 and u will get 10,000 gold


I'm alright, I'm alright
It only hurts when I breathe