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'Ello there! My name is Tamara of course! Many people call me by my nicknames--Mimi, Pocket Mouse, Tammy, and so on. I'm a random and hyperactive person. I like to be up from my lazy behind and do something thats fun! I guess you can say I'm adventurous--yes, I'm a tomboy. So what? I've been hanging around guys all my life--I just don't like hanging around girls.

I'm a laid back nerd with a big heart. heart
I am shy when it comes to certain things, but I can really stand out because of my hyper-activeness and my randomness. You can say that I just want to be different from everyone instead of following after them. I will admit, I'm an emotional person when it comes to certain things--even giving me a flower will make my day! I guess its because I appreciate the little things in life. If I were to talk to you, I would just look off and see something and burst out "OMG. A BUG. heart "

I'm currently single of course. Maybe because I think I'm not ready for a relationship yet. No, I'm not a little age girl, I'm actually 16. At times, I wish for a boyfriend and at times I dont. Reason is because I want to finish school and then think about relationships and such. Of course I'm looking for my special valentine, and I can't wait to meet him so he can take me away from this hell. 3nodding

What can I say? That's how I am and I'm sticking to it. I have a dark past, but I don't let it get to me. Like I always say: Always have your head held up high when worst comes to worse. I need take that in mind too since I barely listen to myself too much, only in my constant day dreaming of awesome things. But I'm working on it! I'm not that much of a retard, oh-no I'm not!

My likes? Well, I love to sketch, especially on my ugly white walls. I love music with and without words--without words is actually soothing in my opinion; helps me sleep. I love the color blue. My favorite food is pizza. Loves sunsets and full moons with a hint of stars. I'm not much of a materialistic type girl since I'm not fond of jewelry or anything. As long as I have a CD player with music, I'm fine! Oh! And to be honest; I don't think I'm cute at all. I don't like taking pictures because it makes me look like a total fatty. I don't like bugs--except for fireflies because they glow in the depths of the night so brightly and dance about in merriment under the full moon and stars. heart

Well, thats my story and I'm sticking to it! Now you know the real person behind a bunch of pixels! Thank you so much for taking the time in reading this! It means a lot to me, and I hope you learned a little something from this bio. If not, then try talking to the real me instead, ne? heart

-Pocket Mouse

[[This is not only a regular account to chat an all. But a RP account. I do paragragh RP's and such. The story below is my characters story--her background. Feel free to start any kind of RP through comments or messages, okay? It would be most appreciative. <3]]

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Will it ever end?

That question haunted the very thought of her mind ever since she was a little girl. There were harsh times and then there was the good ones. Even though she has grown to a young woman in this world, she did made an impact in peoples lives somehow. She wonders how can people stand her, how can they live with her every being, and why they would consider her as there "friend" to a certain extent. Sooner or later, those questions that filled her head with ideas and hypothesis will come to a close.

Laying there on the calm cool grass on a hill, her dark sea blue eyes gazed at the clear night sky while wearing her cream colored flowing gown. It was spring; her favorite time of the year. That's when her most favorite flowers grow on certain spots of parks and lakes. Lunar flowers. Yes, those are her most favorable flower in the whole world. The reason is because her mother had gave it to her one day when Mimi was a young child; there bond was so close, her mother gave her a flower that reminded her of there friendship.

"Mimi, do you know what this is?"

The older and more mature looking woman had knelt down before her with a smile that melted away any sadness. She held in her hand a white flower that kind of resembled a Lilly. But no, this wasn't no ordinary flower; it glowed with a certain warmth that can fill anyone's heart and brighten up there day. Mimi pondered and puzzled while looking at the flower in awe. Afterwards, she smiled brightly and made a fist in front of her mouth.

"That's a Lilly, Mama!"

The mother chuckled and shook her head lightly. Her fingers traced along the delicate pedals gently and explained carefully, her eyes looking down at it while halfway closed.

"No, love...this is a lunar flower. This flower resembles the bond of friendship with two people. But most of all, it is also your trade mark."

Trade mark? What did she mean? Mimi just stared at her mother with a look of curiosity. She did not know what she meant by it, but in the end she felt happy. A small silence came about but then left, as Mimi jumped into her mothers arms and giggled.
"Your my best friend ever! I love you so much, Mama!"

The woman was caught by surprised by that sudden outburst; then she just smiled and embraced her child close, cradling her with love and care. Just laughing and having a fun time together made her day a memorial one.

Soon enough, she stopped reminiscing her past memories and sat up to stare at the full moon that shined brightly down at not only her, but the lunar flowers as well. It was clear that she did not knew her real father, since her mother told her about him leaving when she gave birth to Mimi. Mother...she soon died from illness when Mimi was 8 years old, leaving only to stay with Archer, her older brother.

He was the closest thing to her than anyone else now. After all, he does somehow resemble there own mother in a way; loving, caring, trustworthy...all the things that anyone could ever hoped for from a person. From here on, he looked after her as she did for him. Although she was very clingy to him, she was still timid and scared of other people that came across there lives. Still...she somehow managed to break that shell and just be open minded to everyone. And that was the very thing she learned from Archer.

A calming breeze past by, her long black/blue hair swaying along with it. She felt relaxed and calm for some strange reason. The lunar flowers...they were singing with the wind that flowed about this wonderful night. Listening in, she could have sworn she heard her mother's voice. It sounded like the lullaby she sang to Mimi every night when she was put to bed.

Looking about the hill, she spotted a lunar flower near by and walked over to it. Kneeling down, she carefully plucked it from its stem, examining it with interest. Her lips began to move slowly, speaking in a slight whisper; she was singing.

"I don't know, what words I can say...The wind has a way...to talk to me.."

Standing back up and paused her little song, she began to walk down the hill gracefully towards an open lake. Once there, she held the flower in her small hands just to gaze at its beauty. She smiled softly as she carefully tucked the flower in her long locks, just above her left ear. Afterwards, she looked out towards the lake, the moon's reflections dancing among the water.

"Flowers sing...a silent lullaby...I pray for reply...I'm ready.."

Just then, a tear came down her soft cheek. Its hard to know that the one you loved most is gone, but always will be in your heart. Thus, she continued on her life with her head held up high, her smile still shining, and her radiance still blossoming. She wouldn't want to worry or make people sad because of her well being so she would sometimes put on a fake smile so no one can see her falling apart. For the better part, she just wants everyone to be happy; putting there needs before her own.

Till this day, she would want to be remembered as the girl who would brighten up everyone's day, even if she couldn't brighten up her own. The memory of her mother will carry on.

-Pocket Mouse

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Name: Mimi Minatoko
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hair: Aquamarine/Long
Eyes: Oceanic
Body Type: Slim/Slender
Race: Unknown
Nickname: Pocket Mouse
Home Town: Twilight Town
Status: Single

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Total Value: 220,967 Gold
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