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Narrator: Me~ (OOC)
Peyton Tabisola: The Unbreakable (IC)
The Purple Jack: Eccentric Purple Riddler (IC)
The Orange Jack: Eccentric Orange Riddler (IC)


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Peyton's Equipment, Martial Arts, Spells.


Weapon: Soul Oak Bokken, Non-Lethal enchanted weapon with two magic cores. Bone Marrow and Unicorn Hair. Also Serves as a Magic Catalyst/Wand. (Instead of damaging H.P, This weapon Damages Strength, and Stamina)

Weapon: Peyton's Fists, Lethal Physical Weapon. Through years of training and otherwise reckless confidence, she was happy to humbly inform her Mentor that she could kill a bear in a single strike. Peyton's fists are legally considered lethal. (This weapon has a chance to cripple the limb or item it comes in contact with, But also has a chance to cripple itself.)

Armour: -WIP-

Martial Arts(Perks, Buffs and Activated Skills):

Only Human, Trait: Sometimes Peyton doesn't know when to quit... unless otherwise stated by another perk or affliction Peyton suffers randomly occurring 'Fail' in the instance of every fifth battle or interaction

Fighting Spirit, Passive Buff: Damage taken is slightly reduced. The more damage she takes, the faster and stronger she gets in retaliation.

Unbreakable, Deus-Ex Machina Perk/Trait: Recover ONCE from otherwise fatal wounds by willpower alone, Halves attack power and speed, Fortifies Defense. (Does not activate in instance of sneak attack, Only Recharges after FULL recovery.

Certainty, Trait: Moderately Resistant to Charm and Illusion Magics.

Arcane Disoriented, Trait: Magic doesn't cope well with Peyton's body, resulting in a VERY low base mana pool and a natural weakness to magics

Peak physical fitness: Being as conditioned as Peyton insures she will not grow tired by normal means. (Blocking and Parrying Normal attacks does not fatigue her, Heavy attacks damage to her fatigue is reduced.)


Regeneration Magics: Power Within (Restores Mp at the cost of Fatigue)

Restoration Magics: Kiss of the Sun (Restores Hp on Others)

Summoner's Lullaby: Snark Portal (Rips open a inter-dimensional portal to release a single Miniature Bug monster that explodes on contact)

Defense Ward: Greater Null Magics (Creates Circular Magic barrier 2 meters in diameter, Dissipates Magic on touch at HEAVY cost of MP)

Entity's Culling: Devour Hope (Leeches Health, Mana, and Natural Body Produced Energy, in exchange for 1/8th of Caster's Soul. Killing Move. Caster is now Entity touched. [Forbidden Series/ Only used in life threatening situations]

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Been on Gaia since 2006.
Nothing really special about me...
Unless you like Riddles, Roleplay.. things like that..
I'm Awkward, and a pretty big nerd.
i best communicate when i'm in character.
Emotional person, i act on my mood.


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