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Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 03/17/2018 11:07 am
Pitch The Nightmare King
yes Zim got me though some hard times the small idiot I love him for that though. Ya the creator is making it himself nick invited him back but he didn't take it since the budget would be so low. I think he is paying out of pocket for it and getting the original team back together for it.
Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 03/17/2018 10:29 am
Pitch The Nightmare King
Their making a movie and I`m SUPER excited for!!! Ya I miss that show to but back then I kinda understand why they cancelled it. They didn't like the dark and edgy cartoon like they do today. Thanks x3 I think I got everything its just trying to find better items if their are any out their. I`m saving up for a PC so I can use that in my living room....I love macs but...I just cant.
Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 03/17/2018 9:51 am
Pitch The Nightmare King
I have been ok im getting ready to move in fact! my house has black mold and its made me really sick so I`m moving out in may I still need to pack bur meh. Thanks! I`m trying to get Zim perfect ! Ya I have an app on my computer that fixes my typos for me xD even my bad grammer! I think its called grammery but I need to double check.
Espurri Report | 03/13/2018 1:26 pm
thank you so much!!
Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 03/10/2018 12:56 pm
Pitch The Nightmare King
Ok sorry for the other comment I pressed something on this big bulky work computer keybored. >< I don`t have discord on my phone I don't have the space for it sadly. But I will be getting a new computer this or next week so we will be able to talk more and then I will add you on discord!
Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 03/10/2018 12:55 pm
Pitch The Nightmare King
I don
Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 03/10/2018 10:22 am
Pitch The Nightmare King
Anytime I`m just glad I was on when it was your birthday x3 *hugs* I have missed talking to you. Also your current avi meow~
Vlad Plasmius Masters Report | 03/09/2018 1:11 am
Vlad Plasmius Masters
sorry hun, things have gotten busy for me. but I will reply soon.
Vlad Plasmius Masters Report | 03/03/2018 11:25 pm
Vlad Plasmius Masters
he held her tight and let her cry as he ran his hand thru her hair to comfort her. "it is gonna be ok Alexandra, he is not worth your tears. we will get him back, don't worry about that, we can deal with him later, but for now, let it out, you will feel better." he said in a soothing voice. "everything will be ok Kitten." said softly and after a few moments had passed, he smiled softly. "lets go make some tea, start a fire in the fire place, put on one of our favorite movies and we can wrap you up in a blanket burrito." chuckled getting a nod from her. "ok you go get everything set up while I go put the kettle on and see if we have any snacks." said letting her out of the hug. "dry your tears my dear." said softly as he gently wiped them away for her. "I promise everything will be ok."
Vlad Plasmius Masters Report | 02/27/2018 10:47 pm
Vlad Plasmius Masters
Vlad looked over when he heard his cellphone go off. he picked it up and read it. "my poor Kitten." said softly as he texted her back saying that he would home if she wanted to come over and figure out how to get back at her ex. He hated seeing his daughter sad like that, and would do whatever it took to make her smile again. he finished working in his lab before going back upstairs to make sure he was ready for his daughters visit.