Status: Sick and Tired
Orientation: Pansexual
Name: [Mikiki][Miki-chan]

So, haidar~ Most call me Miki-chan or just Mikiki, this is the only site anyone really calls me that. Every where else I go by Leahana or THELeahana <--- My gamer tag~

I like to roleplay, and I'm always looking for new roleplay partners. I currently have one roleplay partner that I actually talk to every day. That's what I'm looking for in a partner, someone who is interested in an actual relationship and not just RP. Though, if you do just wanna rp and nothing else, that's fine too, but rps tend to be better when you know more about partner~

I'm a pretty friendly person, though I'm hardly ever on gaia anymore. You can find me on Solia more often than not under the name Leahana~

Be jealz of my amazingness



Moshy McCoy

Chain of Command

Celedeen Kaitou Takarona


1k and love. <3

Madame Lee
200k <3 <3 <3 <3

Twister the Phoenix! <3

I'm always searching for roleplay partners. It's rare I'll join a group one, as they tend to die quickly and I don't like relying on too many people.

I'm a sucker for romance and I still act like I'm 6 at times.

When I'm in the waiting room at a doctors office, I WILL grab a coloring book. Because f*ck yeah coloring.

I play with side walk chalk and I'm proud of it.

I get excited when I see something cute and fluffy.

It's who I am. just because my body ages, doesn't mean my fun has to change.

"After a while of listening to all the lies, and all the cries, and all the useless words of the damned, you tend to realize that there really is no point to life. After so many long years lived, you realize that everything is a matter of the mind. If you think it hurts, it hurts, if you think it's sad, it's sad, if you think, then it is. And you begin to realize how powerful your mind really is. Screwing you over at any instant, or steadying you right before you fall. But the words that screw our mind over the most, are I LOVE YOU. The truth it, there is no such thing as love. It is something humans have created to not feel lonely, and to feel wanted. But the truth is, it's not real, but it exists. An illusion. A lie. A poison. The truth is, is that even though it's not real, it's so real at the same time. It's real because we've created it. But although it's real, it's a lie. A lie that burns the insides, and scratches the soul. Because I LOVE YOU is eight letters, but so is BULLsh*t." -Leahana

Love is what we make it, Distance doesn't matter, Age doesn't matter, Race doesn't matter, and gender doesn't matter... It's just being with someone who makes you smile no matter what. And in the end you know someone will always be there to hold you.

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Mikiki's Journal

*Blink* This is my journal? How exciting...-.-



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Awful --Addiction--

Report | 10/18/2012 12:14 am

Awful --Addiction--

cool avi

Report | 07/07/2011 11:08 am


I'm onlineeeeeeeeee

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Andrea... What happened to your chat?

Report | 07/02/2011 2:00 pm


Hey there Miki-chan.

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uh. You texted me? When 0.0''
try again???
Yeah I've been a bit busy with a lot o sh*t in my life =

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Yeah.. I guess so.. The Gaia site just crashed on me. Had to close down my internet. =S

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i'm almost never on here. or msn
but you should def still hit me up or something.

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Welcome back to Gaia, Miki-chan. I'd gladly Roleplay with you if you'd like. Like you, I prefer more personality involved, which is probably why I'm such a people person. I wouldn't mind getting to know you, and you me.
hello mister box

Report | 10/01/2010 6:21 am

hello mister box

Dude, what happened?
It was just tonsil surgery, right?
I had that when I was a kid.
It's supposed to be a fairly common surgery you can recover easily from.

Did something go wrong?
I hope that you can get it fixed, whatever it may be ;-;


I am currently on hiatus. You can find me on Solia(Leahana)

Hecka done with this garbage site, giving all my sh*t away if you want something lemme know

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I'm actively seeking all avi art <3
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