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It has been forever since I have last updated this thing. Well, I am eighteen, enjoy role playing, and if there is really anything else you want to know, ask me.



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A Redhead Angel Report | 01/04/2013 7:05 pm
A Redhead Angel
What did you think about Body by Vi?
Pixel Digits Report | 12/19/2012 9:17 pm
Pixel Digits
Thanks for the buy! mrgreen
nano diamond Report | 06/06/2012 8:42 pm
nano diamond
Hi Lauren, we haven't met before IRL or Gaia but I love your avatar.
New batakas Report | 04/23/2012 6:32 pm
New batakas
I want more rats but I need to get them a way bigger cage. I need a Nicole and a Lohan.
New batakas Report | 04/23/2012 6:24 pm
New batakas
I have two rats. One named Hilton and the one shown is named scary spice.
Just scary for short.
Ever-Dyer Report | 04/18/2012 4:44 am
Laced in Sickness - Offset Minds
My 3rd new song!
Douteux Report | 04/07/2012 11:40 am
I used to have a bunch of girls who (were scene kids) wanted me to dye my hair black, my significant other at the time was like "Look at his hair, look at the ******** natural highlights in his hair. you harpies keep your hair dye away from it." lol

I don't see many Mormons around, Jehovah's Witnesses however... but at least they're normally fairly polite and respectful and if you ask them nicely to leave they normally will. Some of them wont but most of them do because they were taught that being nice thing.

It blows my mind how many people are misogynists and misandrists. I mean sex isn't really relevant except in reproduction and in that case both sexes are just as important as the other. While its indisputable women are biologically designed to be nurturers and men are designed to be protectors and providers we aren't living in secluded tribes where those biological builds are important day to day. And Gender is just whatever you make of it I guess. It shouldn't matter what anyone else makes of your own gender role. Oh my god, he thinks outside the social norm, burn him, he must be a witch.

The girl I would marry in a heart beat is a true blue lesbian. My luck. lol
I met her in school so she wouldn't be like most of the bitches I know who are like "what's so big about cooking? that must be an easy job."
I just ask these girls if they've ever watched chopped, kitchen nightmares, hells kitchen, or just the food network in general... just no.
You have no ******** idea how hard a job it is and the pressure.

Oh I was off until like 4, I work dinner service so I don't actually go into work until 3:30ish.
... which I'm about to have to go and do again.
Yesterday was ******** ridiculous, and I trolled some of my coworkers taking photos of them using instagram.
Everybody in the kitchen was a hipster by the end of the night. lol
But it was busy and then not busy then busy.
It was like really ******** busy and then it'd calm down when everyone was eating then we'd get hit again.
and it's like that often anyway, and it's usually busy but last night the place was totally packed, but considering it's a 5 star establishment lots of highrollers, I almost wished I was on the wait staff. The tips I'm sure they were making from the upper-class wall street families

Douteux Report | 04/05/2012 8:04 pm
Those types of intelligent people seem to be in abundance in Boston (or maybe just New England). lol
Probably because of all the ******** retardedly good schools up there.

I have never dyed my hair. I probably will never dye my hair. I like my natural highlights and all that nonsense, and I'd rather just not make my hair feel like straw. It's nice, and healthy and I'm content with that. Also my hair looks good with my eyes, lol. But it's never the one thing, the hair, the nails, the tan that's ugly it's combining it all that's ugly. Haha. Especially when the tan and hair are fake and the hair wasn't looked after and the tan looks orange because it came from a bottle and not the sun.

Catholics... lol that's all. I mean I get organized religion, and I respect peoples rights to have it. But I'm still going to think the people pushing it are total idiots.
Well yeah women deserve the same rights as men and all that other s**t. I'm a little put-off by America's seeming war against women. Every time I see news its about something misogynistic or sexist and it's never towards men, and then of course you have some of these feminists that give the whole movement a bad name with their attitudes.

I mean a friend of mine basically said it: "Feminists b***h about how men are misogynists, but in doing do that they prove they're misandrists, making them no better."
He also noted the trend in trans* people being hateful towards their biological sex. trans* men are misogynists and trans* women are misandrists.
It's actually quite scary how true that is when you think about it.

Maybe I should just get my masters, get a high paying job/own restaurants and get a trophy spouse.
I can handle a man looking girly, but I can't handle them acting girly.
But it comes back to the base thing, I prefer masculine personalities even if they aren't male gendered.

Things I am not doing yet: Sleeping.

Douteux Report | 04/05/2012 7:17 pm
I can somewhat handle the "smarter than you" type if they are legitimately smarter than you. But most of those types don't actually intentionally rub it in your face they're usually fairly humble about the intellect because they don't feel they have to prove it to anyone. One of my exes used to say something and then tangent off to explain something in the statement I probably didn't understand in great details before coming back to the point. It entertained me immensely, and he did it with everything. But he never once told me he was smarter than me, though we all knew he was considering he was a Harvard Medical Student.

Unnatural blondes are rarely nice. But I think it's normally because unnatural blondes don't take care of their hair and they fry it. I've met a couple unnaturals who put a lot of effort into keeping the hair nice, making sure it isn't dry, and it usually looks as nice as the natural equivalent. But most of the fake and bake girls with the orange spray on tan and fake nails don't look after their hair. lolol.

My family is Catholic. I don't think I can handle a relationship with anyone as religious as my family is. The bullshit they used to cause me when I was in my teenage years. When they found out I had interest in men? Oh yeah, that went over well. Also women's reproductive rights I just think that in the end: Woman's body, Woman's choice. So I don't want a relationship with someone who has some kind of agenda entailing that a woman doesn't get the same rights as a man over her body. I mean I don't believe in ~womens~ rights because that entails an exclusive set of rights giving women special treatment. I believe in everyone having the same equal human rights. Womens reproductive rights is that mess where "does the fetuses rights override the womans" blah blah blah abortion drama, not a topic I want to talk about.

Gender is so grey I don't want to say it matters. I by all means favor the companionship of someone of the male gender, but I know a lot of biological females who have a masculine personality without being of the male gender, therefore not being trans* And I find them equally as attractive as I would find a biological or trans* male. In the reverse I know a lot of men who are really feminine even though they aren't female gendered and they turn me off most of the time. But I don't like privileged b***h boys... and they are in abundance in NYC. And I am apparently a desirable type for them.


I don't want to work on a Friday. I usually do stuff because I don't have to work early on Saturdays. But now I can't. And of course as this is New York, my friends all work tomorrow morning except a few who are in school and therefore are off. My weekend was been foiled by work. My cheque better look beautiful. mad

Agent Sol Report | 04/05/2012 7:04 pm
Agent Sol
Your welcome.~




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