My birthday is on September 19, get me something nice =D

I'm trying to get a Dark Halo, semi-impossable for me, I can't even get an Oculus Magica XD But I would really love it if you helped me out if just a little.

Loved people are: Lord Polaris - Just cause I can put his name here =D heart

cold_and_heartless322000 - 2k heart
Ultra_eternal_night - Blood Drop Broach, Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, 400g heart
Lady Yelana - A lot of bugs and some ink ^^ heart
Dreadful Ygg - Buggies and almost 2k

I'm also trying to get the red full body dye so red inks or red bugs are loved

I got rid of the Tektek things that were here because I just got bored with them...


Hey everybody, I'm sure you all would love to hear about me so here's a few things I like and don't like.

Likes: Power, Feeling powerful, Candy, Sweet stuff, Food, Cartoons, Friends and Family, Fire.

Hates: Not having power, Feeling power-less, Doing something against my will, Feeling un-loved, Being depressed, My bi-polar, Non-perverted people who can't take a joke, People that are TOO perverted and want to cyber all the time, Preps.

I'm a kind person to those whom deserve it but your worst nightmare if you get on my bad-side. Lucky for most of my friends they haven't seen my bad-side. I am an evil little girl that needs some space when my "illness" acts up. I'm a proud lefty. I love animals. I'm not afraid of bugs... But I don't like them all the same.

Do not mess with my friends unless you wish to meet the business end of my swords.

Yes I have real swords, me and my family collect them. Don't like it? TOUGH!

I enjoy watching Naruto. Have anything to say about it? I don't care, your worthless opinions matter not to me. Have a problem with the way I type, or spell? I couldn't give a rats behind. I tend to misspell words just for the hell of it. I couldn't give a danm what you think of that. My life revolvs around music and friends, what matter is that to you?

That will be all for now, comment or get off my profile. Oh and Thank you come again! X3


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Millenear Yazora

Report | 07/01/2011 8:41 am

Millenear Yazora

cool avi

Report | 01/27/2009 5:43 pm


Holy Hell!

I got my account back. Mwwhahahahah~♪
I Deutschland I

Report | 11/19/2008 9:05 pm

I Deutschland I

... I miss you! I really want you back on!

Please go back onto gaia! I miss you... *sniff*

So please when you get on, look at this post. *hugs* ^^

Report | 10/24/2008 5:45 pm


I miss you! Its been relative to forever!
Lady Yelena

Report | 10/11/2008 4:57 pm

Lady Yelena

heyyyy, haven't seen you online for almost a month now, how are you????
Itsuka Uchiha

Report | 09/25/2008 1:13 pm

Itsuka Uchiha

Happy Birthday buddy..

*hugs tightly* you gets a hug for your birthday, cuz i iz poor ^^;;...

anyhoo, lah you! *lah = love if no one understands.. but meh.. v.v..*
Lady Yelena

Report | 09/20/2008 6:30 am

Lady Yelena

ahh that's good, just glad that you are okay

Happpyy Birthday..I haven't forgotten hehe, Just waiting for you to go online..I hope you have a great day ^^
I Deutschland I

Report | 09/19/2008 9:05 pm

I Deutschland I

Happy Birthday!!

I kinda gave your present early, if you don't mind User Image

I mean, is it okay? I gave you Enchanted Strings User Image

Anyway, have a great birthday! ^^

Report | 09/18/2008 8:40 pm


Happy Birthday!! <3 How epic. Everyone loves birthdays!! And for your birthday...!! -dramatic pause-

I will attempt to draw you something. Yay!

Report | 09/18/2008 1:24 pm


Hey dude. Happy pre-birthday. Flynn just flooded my Inbox with PMs.

Anyways, have a great 15th year!


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