My names leslie but call me lexi i have tons of nicknames some that arent even similar to my name but ya w/e im 14 i love to hang out with my friends and listen to music and i like to get on myspace
http://www.myspace.com/not_emo_enough_for_you add me if u want yea weird url but w/e i can be rude when i dont mean to be
so dont get offended i dont like it when people mess with my friends it really pisses me off and i dont like people to annoy me
either but other then that im easy to get along with.

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This my friend Shalana she is realy awesome and has a prettyful pic!

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This is sami's she is funny,cool and awesome to hang out with and if u dont know her u dont deserve to that goes for shalana also!

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An this is Jack Sami's new bf and he is really cool anf funny
and sami says he is a great singer wich is true lol i
heard him on the phone once.