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Codename: Jazz

Real Name: Jazzabelle. (Just don't ever call her that. sweatdrop )

Aliases: J, Belle.

Former Aliases: B

Occupation: Mercenary.

Legal Status: On the Run from the Kuro Gang.

Identity: Jazz

Marital Status: Divorced from Nicolae in love with Ian.

Known Relatives: Orphan.

Base of Operations: Camping out in the Ruins of Otami.

Group Affiliation: None.

Former Group Affiliation: Kuro Gang.

Origin: Dark Elf

Height: 6'5"
Hair: Black and long. Usually in a ponytail
Build: Slender and muscular.
Weight: 170
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Greyish blue
Age: 300
Other: One vertical scar over her left eye.

Known Powers/Abilities: A quick draw, and a healer.

Limitations: Completely still in love with her ex-husband, a hot head, lazy, and doesn't take anything too seriously.

Brief History: She had been on the run from the Kuro gang for accidentally killing Cordell's sister and went to Barton to atone for it by killing the man who had stolen The Mother's necklace.

He stopped her from killing him by seducing her and they fell in love. For almost a year, they were blissful.

Then came Moira. Why she was in Barton was a mystery, but she was, and she attempted to sink her claws into Nico. He was unwilling, but after Jazz caught Moira trying to force him into kissing her, she had had enough. Ian and Logan had to constrain her to keep her from reaching for her gun and blowing a hole in her head.

She had given Nicolae an ultimatum to either marry her or leave her, and he married her.

Then she caught him in bed with Vanessa and she left to Durem. She came back when she got word from Edmund that Barton was in trouble. Fearing for Nicolae, and burdened with a secret that he needed to know, she got on a train. And I'm pretty sure you guys know the story from there.

Notes: Her weapon of choice is a pistol. She also has a sword mounted on her back.

"You have ten seconds to run, young Jazzabelle. After those ten seconds are up, you are dead." -Don Kuro

"You're a feisty one, ain't ya?"-Nicolae

"Jazz, get over yourself."-Ian

"Ahh, the hotheaded Mercenary has graced me with her presence. Tell me, what measly sum were you paid for my head?"-Edmund

"Get your foul hands out of my shop!"-Agatha

"We'll protect you, Jazz."-Natasha, with a nod from Devin.

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My name is Bianca, you can call me that, or B.
I'm 19, a restarting freshman in college, a bookworm, a videogame watcher, a music nut, and just a normal human being dealing with love and life.

It has been recently discovered that I love the color pink and I like to play Rockband, although I fail if I try to play medium.

I have the most awesome boyfriend ever. He's in the Air Force and makes my heart sing. heart


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My life as a Dark Elf Mercenary.



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Cara the Sweet

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Not really. I haven't had much time to work on it. But there will be big changes with it. I plan to try to have it finished by friday. I don't want to rush the colouring. xD

and yay~ happy early birthday! my boyfriend's b-day is the 17 xp

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me too kinda.. I have to get ready for work in about two hours, but in the mean time imma work on your art for a bit xD after tomorrow i have two full days off work whee heart

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They're winter-seasoned fruit, so I'm guessing they have all been eaten.

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i would too. . . not a big fan of green, wore a lil today but i didnt go all out on it
so how you been?

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Reichiru Tomoe

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