Yeah, I'm phobic.
Phobic of your bullshit.

Irl: I'm polite and constantly in a state of daydreaming. 'Aloof', probably.

Most likely to happen: I won't bond with many people on a deep level. I have so-called "high expectations" in others. What seems like a logical perception of reality to me, will be regarded with fantastical arguments from others on why I'm wrong and pessimistic.

I'm a realist. I'm not the a*****e on the internet that's going to shove their ideas and beliefs down your throat or rain on your parade, but if you present open-ended ideology or a loose foundation of moral guidance, then expect me to not respond to your bullshittery.

It takes 0% energy to be a decent person with some social etiquette.

For that, I wouldn't say I have high expectations. Simply, standards.

I'm also the one that will necro your old threads if I catch you tossing heat at random strangers just because you like to act 'spicy'. The internet is a cesspool already, stop adding to it.

DoB: August 9, 1991