"Sailing from port to port, the Smuggler never sleeps.
Although she makes her money by selling her victims to the highest bidder,
some of her best prizes never make it to market.
Introduced to her inverted hidden blade,
those strong fools who try to fight are left to float out to sea with the tide.
Supplying the Templars with secret contraband,
Lia de Russo lied and murdered her way into some of the best deals of the century."

-Ubisoft description

The Smuggler (real name: Lia de Russo)
is a multiplayer character in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
She carries a unique version of the hidden blade,
with the blade extending from the top of her forearm,
instead of the orthodox blade below the wrist.

Lia de Russo (1476 - 1503) was a Templar agent who engaged in smuggling
and human trafficking, operating out of the Antique Baths in Rome's

She worked for Cesare Borgia, supplying him with various rare objects and contraband.
Some time between 1500 and 1503, she was visited by Fiora Cavazza
on Cesare's behalf and she was given some objects by order of Cesar.

In 1503, a civilian informed the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze
of Lia's activities when she murdered his wife Monica, who had refused to leave her shop.
Ezio sought out Lia in the Baths of Caracalla,
chased her down and killed her using his hidden blade.