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User Image <-- That's my FIRST dream cosplay av. If you help me get it, I will love you forever. And ever. And I will hug you.
User Image <--- This dream av (concept Chelleri) is finally able to be achieved. Thank you Angelicxlucifer!
User Image <---- This is yet another cosplay dream av (If you DB/DBZ fans caught onto it being Bardock, ILU so much right now). Help me get it and I will spare you during the caffeine crisis.
User Image <--- Oh lord, yet another dream cosplay av. If you're a KOF fan, I will love you forever when I achieve it, for I will REPRESENT for the KOF fans in the Avatar arena. (PS: this one's Duo Lon, yo.)
User Image <--- Help me earn this av, and I will take you on a Seven Force ride. Yes, another dream cosplay av. GREEN GUNSTAR FOR THE WIN.
User Image <------ Yet another dream Cosplay av. Help me with this one and you'll find there are heroes left in man. And machine. (Blues/Proto Man is love.)

You can call me Chelleri, Chel, or Mitz.

Fun facts:
- I am in my fifth year in college because I changed majors.
- Caffeine is what stands between me and psychotic screaming fits.
- I'm in the process of starting my own webcomic.
- I have an amazing devotion to salads, to the point where I have taken one with me during a fire drill.
- I also have that same amazing devotion when it comes to coffee drinks.
- I am bisexual.
- I am a furry, and my fursona is a cockatiel named Carboxyl Jung because I'm both a science nerd and a psychology nerd.
- I have been mistaken for a guy when looked at from behind. Sometimes from in front, but only when I'm wearing baggy clothing that hides my bust.
- My brother knows me as the sister from hell.


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Might have something about my day. Might have fanfiction on a particular day. It's just a random journal.


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Shibaken Report | 02/13/2010 11:54 am
For a moment I was like "who are you?" Then the Duo Lon avatar made me go "OH WAIT."
Eldroot Report | 12/11/2009 4:22 pm
Heh.. I just remember how much I admired his priorities in the beginning.
The tenacity to want to be the strongest, training under 100x normal earth gravity.
Then he met that stupid goof Goku, and everything went to the dogs.

Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 12/11/2009 7:18 am
Incorrigible King Rusty
(Unlocking the characters is the tedious work that I don’t like. It’s worth it in the end though. In Budakai Tenchaichi 3, I had a save file with Tenchaichi 2 that was already beaten. So that was a nice bonus. I managed to unlock everyone. King Cold was hard to unlock, but worth it for novelty’s sake. We all know King Cold is stronger than Frieza and Cooler, but Trunks just overpowered him with ease. It’s nice to imagine he created the Death Beam. ^.^ On that game, Fasha’s my girl! I love using her. It’s awesome how many seiyuu do video game and anime roles. I noticed that the US has gotten into using anime and cartoon voice actors in games. XD Better than hiring random people off the street. Lot’s of Toku heroes are stand alone, but pairs and teams are so much more fun! Every guy needs a guy. Videl putting on that Great Saiyaman II suit proves she’s Gohan’s match. XD

I forgot the name of that Star Wars game, but I’d have to look it up. I remember seeing it in a top 10 countdown of shocking video game moments. XD Of course Aerith’s death was in the list, but let’s not talk about that. What else can be said? I find it hilarious that you think you’re a Jedi in the beginning, then you find out you’re Sith!)
Eldroot Report | 12/11/2009 12:40 am
You're a saiyan eh? I used to be a fan of one of your kind, Vegeta I believe his name was.

Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 12/09/2009 10:07 am
Incorrigible King Rusty
(I just love fighting game collaborations. You get your what if fights and a huge selection of characters. I don’t know about you, but I feel restricted when I see 24 characters to play from. I don’t know why. I get this feeling that there could be more. That’s usually because I play the hell out of games. I’ve been playing Dragon Ball Z Tenchaichi 3 because there are so many characters. I do want to play the latest Tekken. I love using Heihatchi. Funny thing though. The guy that voices Heihatchi also voices King Cold in Japan. Nice, deep, intimidating voice. We know that Gohan stole those antics from the Ginyu Force. I guess after surviving their beating, he thought there poses were pretty cool. XD Gohan = Sentai Hero!

Fable and Elder Scrolls have the mechanic to being evil, but you pretty much know you’re making yourself a bad person then. It loses its appeal a little when you realize you’re being intentionally evil. There was a Star Wars game that had that shock plot too. You think you’re a good Jedi, but you’re really a Sith! XD)
Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 12/07/2009 7:26 am
Incorrigible King Rusty
(Those are the three most overused, with Ninjutsu at number one because game has to have a variant of a Ninjutsu style. It makes me sad that Caporeia is so underused. It’s such a unique style and anyone fighter using it easily stands out. It is a shame that the Capcom vs. SNK series stopped. It was such a nice comparison. Plus I loved doing a battle of the Psychos: M. Bison (Lord Vega in Japan) vs. Athena! 8D Psycho Crusher vs. Psycho Ball! I love the Ginyu Force. They’re a parody of Super Sentai. Sometimes I imagine there’s a whole training planet that Captain Ginyu owns where he trains future Ginyu Force members. Oh the poses. XD

A good game is defined by a decent story with superb gameplay and replay value. So it’s to say when a game as an exceptional story superb gameplay makes it even better. A game must have a good villain. I just love when you realize that you’re the actual villain. You had fun thinking you were good. Now that you know you’ve been screwing others over, it makes you think “Evil rocks!” cool )
dainty dolls Report | 12/05/2009 3:21 pm
dainty dolls
thanks for buying! come again
Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 12/05/2009 6:16 am
Incorrigible King Rusty
(=/ I have noticed that a lot of styles are just parallels between fighter styles. Noticing the subtle differences is kind of neat. I think Muay Thai is overused in fighting games now. No matter what, every fighting game has a Muay Thai fighter. Regardless, I still get attached to some of them. My two favorite Muay Thai fighters of all time are Sagat from Street Fighter and King from SNK. I often dream match them when Capcom vs. SNK come out with new games. *Does a pose* My favorite member of the Ginyu Force is Burter, the fastest man in the galaxy! Jeice comes in second since he’s Burter’s partner and they do the Purple Comet Attack! Recoome comes in third for me, but he’s got the most personality that we’ve seen. Guldo’s at the way bottom, the foul-breathed toad. I don’t like him! Milk man *cough* I mean Ginyu wasn’t listed because he’s the leader of the team. He deserves his own place. XD

Game twists like that are brilliant. When you play a game, you think you’re the hero by default. You think everything you do is for a greater good. Then bam!!! You realize you’re the bad guy!)
Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 12/04/2009 8:18 am
Incorrigible King Rusty
(In that fighting series, there’s no shortage of people to use. Give me a fighting game with a huge selection of characters and a decent story and I’m happy for a whole year! I seriously am. When I get a new fighting game, it takes me about a year or two to stop playing it. Even at that, I’ll still pop it in from time to time. I also can imagine that Bardock has a sweet tooth. I can bet Vegeta’s taste buds were in heaven on earth. I doubt he had much time for sweets while working for Frieza. Oddly enough, the Ginyu Force seems to have candy time. XD

The next logical step is the hero, but game companies don’t do that so much because it’s too predictable. I like how in plot twists, they make the hero the villain! XD)
Incorrigible King Rusty Report | 12/03/2009 11:49 am
Incorrigible King Rusty
(My two proffered characters for King of Fighters, when they are in the games, are King and Yamazaki. Mr. Yakuza Hit Man is so damn crazy! How could you not like him? Plus his style fits me since I prefer to be on the defensive sometimes. When I want to go blitz style, I choose King. As for Raditz, I can imagine he would say something like that. Even though his moves are only signanturized in the games, having moves after the days of the week is fun. “DOUBLE SUNDAY!” I bet he’d fall in love with a double sundae! If Raditz had gotten a taste of earth food, I wonder if he had wanted Goku to vacate the planet. Humans have proven to make perfect slaves until they get rebellious. That’s where technology would’ve come in, but I’m rambling on about what ifs.

When we learn not to get attached to the villains, we in turn go to the minor characters. Then they get killed! Some minor character death s are just for shock value. gonk )


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