NOTE: If you want to be my friend, we both have to know about each other or atleast chat with each other at first. I don't accept friend requests that easily.

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User Image Name: Kitsune, Neko, No. III, The Chosen Asian, The mistress of the Asian Aliance, Rukia Kuchiki, or Rii-chan

User Image Age: Now 15!!!!

User Image Lives: Inside my head in lala land at the WG!

User Image Groups: I'm part of the OCSA Demon Hoarde

User Image Artistic Talent:

User Image Instruments:
-Flute (5 years)
-Piano (12 years)

User Image Likes:
-Dramatic Romance Novels
-humorous moments
-delicious foods
-moving to Japan
-hangin' with friends
-Hug-hugs (!!CAUTION!!: Deadly weapon that MLK has that is not to be toyed with)
-having fun
-real contriversal stuff
-my friends
-the color black
-gloomy weather
-to be involved with politics
-big contriversal converstaions: like Abortion, War of today, Anti-christ, etc.
-Kingdome Hearts II
-Yaoi!!!!! 3nodding
-cute stuff
-Stuff from the far-off East
-The WG !
-Animal Crossing: Wild World
-89wattr99 is my Big brother! Now his name is ralwatt because someone wrongfully banned him. WHEN I FIND OUT WHO IT IS AND WHY I WILL HUG-HUG THEM! scream
-Kao Ani (the floaty bubbly things on here and in my posts)
-Sweet Things
-Things that are so Kawaii!
-I love to have comments on here!
-The Zurgs!
- heart Itachi heart

User Image Dislikes:
-People who are mean
-parents that are too strict and over protective
-completly biased people
-people that don't understand each other
-very spicy food
-people who quickly jump to conclusion too quickly
-people who are old fashioned
-most likely I just hate my parents
-those stupid pictures/movies you stare at a long time and a scary person pops up
- people who act like n00bs
-When people don't respect your things
-When people are posers and or phonies
-When my parents starts critizing things that are wrong and stupid
-Anything venomous
-Any pictures of rotting dead bodies
-Those stupid gay death chainletters scream (SEND ME ONE AND I'LL HUG-HUG YOU DOWN TO HELL!!!)
-Porceilne Dolls (I swear those things are going to come and get you when you turn your back)

User Image Wonderful donators:User Image
Roxas - Keyblade Master / 13k, Sweetheart Gold earrings, Fox ears and tail.
Helena Ayanami / 500g, Jenny's A-Line Sweet dress, shoes, and clanpshell
Nadee_Hasantanckler / Natural Amethyst Oblong Beads
Neji - Leaf Ninja / Silver Promise ring
Momosai - Angel Camisol, 2500g
muzicluvr_14 / Natural Amethyst Oblong Beads
X_Silent Angel_X / 50 Tokens!
Helena_Ayanami / 200 Tokens!!!
daydreamingnymph / 1k gold, Heart shape box of chocolates.
physcoboy999 / Motar and Pestal
[Kit-Kat] / Missy Lavender Ribbon, Pink Floral Apron, Jenny's Sentimental A-Line Dress and Sandals
fantasydreamer64 / Gold Pom-Pom scarf
Alina Sedai / Grecian Sandals Brown with rose trim
Isako Narumi / Coal Gunner Boots
PilotsLover / Silver Bracelette
meganne the fierce / Black CLogs
Explosive Boobies / Jenny Innocent A-Line Dress
Alitza17 / Red Tie
Sir Kitty / Drop Dead Gorgeous Moonlight Shoes


~Memorable Quotes~
In refernce about virgins....
"Virgins will be apreciated by their future husbands.
They have little or no "mileage" on them.
Sort of like a shiny new car..."

-Cassy (AKA [ Kit-Kat ])
"Yea, but only for a little time only."
"What happens when someone asks a whore and says 'how much milage you got?'"
-Aya (AKA KeitaroAoyama NOW known as -Capn Tranny-)

"Ochin chin ish a very funny word!"
-Aya (AKA KeitaroAoyama -Capn Tranny-)

"Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's super b*tch!"
"Super b*tch is at it again!"
-Me (in reference to my mother. I still lover her xd )

"Every time you mastrubate, Pokemon makes 10 more seasons...."

"Damn n00bs. I wish Gaia had a n00b filter. That would make things so easier."
"Nah...n00bs are just fun to make fun of...
Without them it just wouldn't be the same.
Gaia should have a whore filter!"

-[ Kit-Kat ]


-[ Kit-Kat ]

"If you win at everything, does that also mean you win at failing?"
I win at winning...so that can't mean I win at failing...
But I win at everything, so that contradicts itself!
Unless I fail at failure, but then I wouldn't always win since I'd fail at something, even if it's something that proves that I indeed, win.
. . .
It's a conspiracy!
Man...If I don't figure this sh*t out by the time I die, I'm going to be one very unhappy soul... gonk "

-[ Kit-Kat ]

In a conversation about how to make ice cream....with me, -Capn Tranny-, and [ Kit-Kat ]
-Capn Tranny-: "Well the way I made the ice cream was by shaking it and then freeze it..."
Me: "Well....that's not how proper ice cream is made. It's needs to be agitated while freezing."
-Capn Tranny-: "That's what I did, I shaked it and then froze it."
Me: "No, no, no! It has to agitated WHILE freezing because of the ice crystals formation-"
-Capn Tranny-: "But I did do it Ne-chan!"
Me & -Capn Tranny: *arguing*
[ Kit-Kat ]: *Starts laughing*
Me: "What's so funny?"
[ Kit-Kat ]: "Now whenever I see ice cream or hear the word agitated. I'm going to be picturing a box of ice cream with a mean face on it!" rofl
Me & -Capn Tranny-: xd lol

"Hmm....why are always peeping toms? Why not peeping Jerrys?"
-[ Kit-Kat ]

How the word came to be the word crap....told by -Capn Tranny- with me and [ Kit-Kat ] in for the conversation.
-Capn Tranny-: "Do you know how the word crap came to be?"
Me & [ Kit-Kat ]: "How?"
-Capn Tranny-: "Well the person who invented the first toliet, his last name was 'Crapper' and then everyone started it going to the Crapper and then soon came to the word crap!"
Me: "Wow! I would feel bad for the kids!"
[ Kit-Kat ]: "Hmm...you know what, we've been mocking this Crapper guy. We should have a CRAP APPRECIATION DAY!! blaugh "

In a conversation about Aya's Gaia Avvie
Aya: "GOD!! I want those fooking suspenders and dancer bottoms!!!"
Me: "Oh well, just keep questing...."
Aya: "Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want to be a manwhore
-Aya crying "

Me: "XDD I really dare you to send that!"

In a conversation about the Plot...
[ Kit-Kat ]: "Man, I hate all these stupid threads talking about how to kill us vampires."
Aya: "Me too, they're so damn annoying."
Me: "Ooh! Ooh! I know a way to kill everyone!!! blaugh All the Zurgians, Grombies, Humans, and Vampires!! 3nodding "
[ Kit-Kat ] & Aya: "What?"
Me: "By listening to Paris Hilton's album!!!"
[ Kit-Kat ] & Aya: " rofl xd "

"I wonder if I can create a nuclear n00b bomb.... rolleyes "

"Only gorgeous people have lives...."


In the Louie Von Helson Fanthread when I started school and was busy.....
Me: "Sorry guys, I have to get offline now...damn school....and that gorilla....."
MissFro: "Get a spatula to get rid of that gorilla!"

Talking about Stupid Files and bishies being our whores...
Me: "lolol! I just love the Stupid Files now!"
Aya: "Me too!"
Me: "So yea! Axel is my $20 whore!" razz
Aya: "Aww man....fine then Sasuke is my whore!"
Me: "Well I don't care, besides Itachi's a $30 whore! xd And he's definetly worth more than his brother!"
Aya: "Yea! I call him as mine!"
Me: "Nuh-uh! He's my $30 whore! Because I can afford him!"
Aya: "Can you atleast share him?"
Me: "No....." biggrin
Aya: "Awww man....how can you afford him and Axel?"
Me: "Because I'm rich!" razz

Another talk with Aya about the New Stupid Files Season II Episode 6.... (I was posting this in a bulletin)
Me: "Axel raises his prices so instead of him being a $20 whore he raised his prices so now that he's a $50 whore now.....

But the good thing is I can still afford him! > razz

PS. And yes.....I still afford Itachi as my $30 whore >:3

That's all for now...


Aya: "XDDD
ROFL That was Hilarious Ne-chan!"

Me: "Yes I am rich!"

In the Louie Von Helson Thread where I only been able to get online during the night.....
Me: "GOD THIS THREAD IS STILL GOING AS FAST AS BUNNIES MULTIPLIES!! gonk I swear I'm going to have to put a condom on it xp
MissFro: " rofl xd What does a condom thread look like? And shouldn't be the thread female, or maybe not, I don't know"
Me: "Don't know but I'll still put one on it!!"

In a converstaion about the new Harry Potter book vol 7. and starring Kit-kat, me, and yaoi-crazed Aya!

Aya: " whee Oh yeas I finally got the New Harry Potter almost to the middle!"
[ Kit-Kat ]: "ROFL It's about time Aya! It gets pretty good near to the end."
Aya: "What ever happens, he BETTER not get with Ginny at the end talk2hand shes a slut and needs to DIE. Harry is Draco's uke. THE ENDDDDD. scream "
Me: "You know he will end up with her after you told us your b-day wish at your party.... stare rofl " (She wished for Harry and Draco to get together for her B-day)
Aya: "lol true.
But get the feeling JK is going to get some flame hate letters....
after all, in my other account is in the HarryPotter Yaoi guild. The girls in there bashed how she wrote romance.

which I agree..was too cliché and teeny bopperish.

and the fact that Harry's feelings towards her wasn't built slowly....his feleings for her just popped out of no where!

Not only that Ginny's charrie has no depth whatsoever because we know notihng about her!
The funny part is she is exactly like Harry's mother.
Could Harry be looking for a girl to replace his mother?

When you think about it, if he marries Ginny that is like marrying his own mother.

I believe Harry suffers the Oedipus Complex. 3nodding "

[ Kit-Kat ]: " Hahah. So you're saying that Harry Potter is [ almost ] literally...
A mother f*cker? :'D "

Aya: "lol yeah xd "
[ Kit-Kat ]: "Lovely.... rofl "

In reference to the true nature of art students and based on experiences while in an Art school:

Band Students: Are the horniest teenagers you will ever meet. They really know how to blow!

Orchestra Students: Really Know how to use a G-String.

Drama Students: Are good at FAKING it.

Visual Art Students: Know the right spots of pleasure on the body, after all they are sculptors. AKA Excellent gropers.

Creative Writers: Are really good at cybering.

Techies: Can get in and out without being noticed.

(singers) Vocal Students: Are real vocal if ya know what I mean.

Dance Students: Are REAL flexible if ya know what I mean.


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I'm a Cute Easter Playboy Bunny!
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User Image
Piggy back ride on Louie!!!


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