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Where to start... It all started with a character in Rokugan (D&D Asian version)
Misake is a Japanese Samurai Half-Elf of the Dragon Clan (Dragon colours - Green & Gold)
When she was little her parents had died in a night attack on her village & was taken in by a friend of her father's who was a master samurai. As she grew up she learnt how to fight & how to be a lady. But being from the Dragon Clan she needed to know how to create and solve riddles, which she pretty much sucked at. So when she turned 30 (that's about 16 in human years) she was sent out into the world to learn to be a Dragon Samurai. (Which pretty much means she was kicked out until she learnt how to create & solve riddles.)
As she was by herself she met up with a bunch of different & interesting people from different clans and they went on adventures together. She could slay just about anything she came across in about 1 or two hits.

She ran up some stairs even with a warning sign in an other language right in front of them, then she went poof... right into kobold (little tiny lizard men) sewage hole. When she got out and there was water not to far away and got washed with the soap that she carried with her items. The kobold smelled the soap and wondered what it was. She gave them some for exchange of money. Plus, because she was kind to them, they helped her & her friends out in near by places.

When she was trying to get back to her friends she fell into water and had to swim, but her stuff she had on was so heavy that she just sank further and further into the water. She then had to fight a water ogre all by herself, she almost died, but she prevailed fighting blindly in the dark waters.

Her and her friends got to a room that was filled with mirrors that they had to go through & realized that they would have to fight their evil double and no one wanted to go in the same room with Misake because they knew they wouldn't survive her double's attacks. But one person stuck with her, they both almost died, but they made it.

Plus on top of all the adventuring and fighting Misake and her friends went to a fairs where there were games, contests and gambling. Misake really got into the gambling xd .

On top of all that she is me... but more...very, very, more so. A very extreme version of me. xd

She is obsessed with Japanese Rock music & the band members, goes as far as to stalk them and time travel.

She's sometimes in her own little world and gets confused easily. She like to kill bad things, likes dragons, trying to play instruments (but she's not good at it). She loves spending money on new items & clothing.

the Gazette - Zetsu (July 2004)


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Cute outfit.
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Ooooh...pretty avi
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Evil avis.
Ashleyien Report | 12/08/2011 10:32 am
Look! I'm wearing green!
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misake <3
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Pretty avi
Jayden Kogane Report | 08/01/2011 1:40 pm
Jayden Kogane
Misake, you need to change your status on My Gaia... wasn't your Rin Kagamine outfit done months ago?
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You're welcome!


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