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Hello, I'm Misakari. But you can call me Misa or Kari, which ever you like.
I'm a girl who loves to chat and have fun.
Being pretty creative, I also like to role-play a lot,
so if you see me in the forums, don't be surprised!
I also have a bit of knowledge in BBCodes so it's all the more fun.

I'm mostly nice to everyone and anyone so feel free to approach me.
I can be anyones best friend :)

Anyway, I don't have any favorite colors as long as it looks pretty,
or catches my interest.
Hm... My birthstone is Peridot, which kind of looks like jade.

I know a whole bunch of animes, as well as music.
Also know a few korean dramas (FEW)

Mabinogi, FlyFF, and WLO are a my top favorite MMORPGs~!

So yea...
I don't know what else to say
so PM me and we'll chat more :D


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Report | 01/05/2011 7:29 pm


bruce paterson

Report | 12/20/2010 7:36 am

bruce paterson

If you like this Copy and paste to 4 other profiles then press F5 for 500,000gg

* Delete
bruce paterson

Report | 12/18/2010 2:15 pm

bruce paterson

well my eye is patched up and still bloody.....other then that.....im good ^^
bruce paterson

Report | 12/18/2010 12:43 pm

bruce paterson

whaaa......I suffered a scar on my eye.......little warrior is hurt.......
bruce paterson

Report | 12/17/2010 3:52 pm

bruce paterson

you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!

bruce paterson

Report | 12/11/2010 1:59 pm

bruce paterson

I am a warrior....we dont have time to look adorable....XD joke...thank you ^^
bruce paterson

Report | 12/11/2010 1:44 pm

bruce paterson

well I switched it now with the coat....how do I look now?
bruce paterson

Report | 12/11/2010 10:55 am

bruce paterson

lol hehe thank you every much.....I look cool ^^
bruce paterson

Report | 12/11/2010 10:28 am

bruce paterson

is it a dress....I thought it was like a snow shirt....I think it looks cool ^^
bruce paterson

Report | 12/11/2010 10:15 am

bruce paterson

never thought my avi could looks this cool ^^...im like a warrior of light


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