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24 years old
Virgo/Year of Dog

Call me:
Miruku/ Sakura-chan

I'm a Melophile it's a fancy word for Music Lover i enjoy a lot different kind of music, i love discovering new artists, bands, soloist, duos, etc. There is so much more to music then just the lyrics, there's the voices, the melodies, the instruments, the emotion and passion behind the words they sing sometimes it has meaning an sometimes it doesn't and it just feel good to just dance to it or just sit and listen or to sometimes sing a-long even if you have a terrible voice (like me lol). If you like to share any kind of music with me please don't be shy i will give it a listen and even if i don't like it, i will still appreciate the new discovery you have given me at the moment ^^

I live in U.S.A, in the state of TX (Texas/Dallas Cowboys/Texas Rangers Fan). I enjoy donating to charities (when I have the money), volunteering, spreading love and positivity to anyone that need it, I try my very best to be a nice decent human/kitsune.

I'm a very simple person to get along with, basically show me kindness and i show you kindness, you want me to treat you as an equal, then don't act like a b***h. I'm a shy kitsune when you first meet me, i have lots of insecurities ( just like many of you do) so it will take me awhile to truly open up and be myself. Don't be afraid to ask to be my friend 10 out 10 i will usually accept but i prefer we could chat before we just step into becoming friends.

So y'all single pringles can just leave me alone, if you're looking for some sort of relationship with me other than Friendship, then i'm sorry to say this, but i'm not the girl for you, i have NO desire or need for a boyfriend/girlfriend and to be honest i don't really want one. There will be day were i will have a relationship and hopefully it's someone that lives close by and looks like the person picture. But until then i'm a single chick.

x End of Bio x

= Harry Potter Fan =

Harry Potter Information
Hogwarts House : I'm 50% a Proud Ravenclaw!, and 50% Hufflepuff all the test i took told me i'm hufflepuff and when i took pottermore version and i got ravenclaw, which is fine i can be both i support the puffs and the claws because they're the one that don't get notice much, so 50/50 for me.

Ilvermorny House : Pukwudgie
My Patronus is - a Newfoundland
Favorite Movies-Books - Sorcerer's stone, Prisoner of Azkaban, and Goblet of fire, Fantastic beast and where to find them/The Crimes of Grindelwald
Favorite Characters: Luna, Hermione (I know she can be annoying but I still like her), Lupin(R.I.P) , Neville, Dobby (R.I.P), Fred (R.I.P) and George. oh and Hagrid! From The other movies it of course Newt, Tina and it was Queenie
but then she went with grindelwald >.>
. but . .i still like her. (only read spoiler if you seen The crimes of grindelwald or if you don't care for Potterworld or don't care about spoilers).

Things I'm Into =

♡Boba Tea
♡Panda cookies,
☆Simple causal
☆Fashion, Cosplay
♡Anime/Manga ( Look in Journal for which one i have like)
☆Gummy Candies/Sour Candies
♡Movies, (look in journal with Anime-Manga)
☆All Music
☆Looking at art,
♡K-pop, (look in journal for favorite bands/members)
☆Snow cones
♡Kyary Pamyu Pamyu,
♡Amusement Parks,
☆Roller Coasters,
I♡ndie Movies
◇Glow in the Dark,
90s Cartoons♡
♡Peter pan,
☆White snakes,
♡Sea Creatures,
☆Pixar & Disney,
♡Andrea Bocelli,
☆Harry Potter/Fantastic Beast and where to find them
♡Family events/Gathering

x Things I Dislike x

xsteamed veggies,
xcoconut (not the flavor, but the consistency of the coconut flakes)
xmy favorite character dying/not getting the girl
xbeing late,
xreally heated places,
xalmost all bugs ( bees, Ladybugs and Butterflies are fine) everything else get away from me!!
xbitter coffee,
xbitter things in general,
xreally spicy food,
xPeople using Cussing everyday
xnegativity people
xrude people

-Below are Links to Websites that i support deeply you do not have to Donate just spread the word about the things you learn
-Miruku Sakura-

>>Rescue Her<<

"Rescue Her is non-profit charity that exists to fight human trafficking. Our mission is to prevent, rescue and restore."- Rescue Her

Prevent Suicide


The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.

xoxo Adieu! xoxo


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