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Something Special

An escapist with a love for roleplaying...

If interested in my ideas or characters :
Roleplay Concepts Journal [Last Update:- 12/18/17]

Character Samples [OC] [Last Update 01/13/18]


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Alternate account for KittenP-PM.
Still intended to be the "fresh start" on role-playing, separate from most of my past works. I've picked a few under-developed exceptions and am currently working on properly fixing issues and building better foundation for one of those roleplays.

I still hold my rule about not joining strangers roleplays, both because of past issues and lack of time to hold steady on something that is not run by me or close contacts who I trust with my characters should I need any form of long-term absence.

I'm by no means picky about genre so long as it's not based on specific fetishes or against standard rules of practice here on Gaia. I have no interest in getting myself banned.

My likely absent hours are between 4:30 and 11 PM Mountain Time (US & Canada) though there will be absence due to sleep which is all over the place due to certain issues I have.

Lastly, I'd like to say a thank you to those friends who have added me on this account and basically chose to stick with me given the move over. I love and appreciate you even if I'm not very active due to real world issues. I hope to get to a point of being decently active again despite my constraints on time/energy.


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