Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

Name: Jessica. Don't call me that though, I'm Jess. :'D
Age: 14. I'm young, but ever so cute and innocent. C: [cough]notreally[/cough]
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Dark Green/Blue/wtf? No one can tell what color they are. xD
Lives: Canada, eh. ( Australia in about 4 days from now. INORITE?! :0 )
Likes: Drawing, sports, art, travelling, hanging out with friends. <3
Sport: I play most team sports, but I find them kinda boring. I actually like track and field/Tennis/Swimming/Mountain biking/Mountain climbing better. x333
Fave color: Light green/light blue

Anything else? Oh yeah, I'm an advanced literate roleplayer, I'm that cool. XD I roleplay because it makes me a better writer & I get better at English. And it's fun. C:

Things you should know:

♥ I incorporate smiley faces into every ******** sentence. XD
♥ I like anime pictures, but I don't watch anime.
♥ [brag] I made it into the best highschool in Queensland on art merit. [/brag] :'D
♥ I like video games. :'D
♥ Computers are fun.
♥ I don't like team sports as much as I love single activities, like mountain biking, tennis, climbing etc.
♥ I have a really black sense of humor. Holy Grail ftw. XD
♥ My friends are preps, I am too, lolz.
♥ If you're nice to me, I love you. :3 If you're not, I'll be sad&mad&generallynothappy. D:

I don't really have much to say. If you actually want to talk to me you can always PM me. xD Thanks for visiting ~


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[insert title here] =D

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HI HI! Saw you actually got on recently again too; guess I'm not the only one that dropped away for the school year.
If you're still interested in RPs, and come up with anymore good ideas, tell me.
Hope you're school year's (almost) over, and that your summer's a good one.

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hey! i orderd art from you....... but its taking way too long....and.... im kinda broke now..... if you havent started my art yet, can you cancel it??? sorry.... D:
Libidinous Rex

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Libidinous Rex

Powerlevel's 9000 maybe. 9000 miles would be like I'd have to uhh... Cut it off every day and then have it grow back like a salamander's limb (discolored and misfigured and all). Or find a temporal rift that I could fit it in.
Yeah too much trouble.
I'd have my head so far up my own a** I would have trouble seeing the s**t stains.
Libidinous Rex

Report | 06/29/2009 4:08 pm

Libidinous Rex

I tried but it broke free like the incredible hulk. As per usual. ._.
Oh, bother.
Libidinous Rex

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Libidinous Rex

Angsty's about right.
... OMG my emoboy senses are tingling...Uh, nope, just gettin' wood.
Oh, bother.
Libidinous Rex

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Libidinous Rex

Grr...I Swear if I find this spiderman who's stealing my action phrases I'm gunna gut 'em alive.
Libidinous Rex

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Libidinous Rex

Hello, from your friendly neighborhood Emokid.
The Dark Colors of Death

Report | 06/27/2009 1:17 pm

The Dark Colors of Death

Thanks for the comment on my journal. I am glad you don't judge me like they do ^_^
Porcelean Smile

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Porcelean Smile

Hi! Excuse me,but i saw your art on a friends profile.how much do you chareg for your avi art? It's beautiful ^^
I Siberia-chan I

Report | 06/24/2009 6:20 pm

I Siberia-chan I

thanks for the buy