- Name: Shai (pronounced as "shy" wink
- Blood Type: AB; Birthday: Nov. 16
- Country: Canada
- Status: Retired from Avatar Arenas; Hangs out
in GCD Discord Chat; lurks GCD and Avatar Talk
- Enjoys PC games: Skyrim (not the SE), League
of Legends, Elder Scrolls Online, Undertale, etc.
- Favourite Things: Semi-dark Chocolate, cute
things like bunnies, cooking, sewing, knitting
- Least Favourite: Mold & milldew, gruesome horror
films, s**t things in this world like animal abuse
- Dreams: To be creative in different ways


Born as Miroslava Stellana Chernova in the Rust Town, the poor subtown slums of Dref Dur. The character is supposedly based on the Russian witch "Rada" (actress Svetlana Toma) from the 1975 movie "Tabor Uhodit V Nebo".


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