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:33 < *ac saunters in and makes herself comfurtable on top of her purrch on her cave she sits beside her lusus pounce de leon who is pawsitively the most adorable kitty in the world!*
:33 < hello everyone! its nice to m33t you all! my name is nepeta leijon and i pawsitively love cats~! i like to hunt as well and paint purretty mewrals on my walls beclaws its so much fun! i live on the planet alternia and my furry best furriends are equuius and aradia beclaws theyre so furry nice to me! equuius and i have a meowrailship beclaws he protects me and i protect him!
:33 < were currently in a game session of the game called sgrub and its already really interesting! karkitty is the red teams leader and sollicks is the blue team leader im on the blue team but i wanted to be on the red team cat_sad
:33 < equuius wouldnt let me beclaws hes a big meanie!
:33 < but i suppose its okay beclaws im have so much fun playing this game! i wonder whats going to happen next!
:33 < its furry nice to m33t you all! i hope we get to be the best of furriends! cat_biggrin


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I just plan to write about anything big that's happened, post stories and the like. That's it.


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The Undead Fairie Report | 05/08/2016 6:45 pm
The Undead Fairie
Happy Birthday Hun!
Greteh Report | 12/05/2013 12:45 pm
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! emotion_bigheart
Greteh Report | 12/05/2013 12:27 pm
Oh that's just fine :3 I was worried for a bit cause you weren't around xD
But I am really happy to hear that!
I am just waiting on a couple things and I should have it set up in the forums by next week~ heart
Greteh Report | 11/22/2013 10:24 am
So I put together my Steampunk/Mythical RP together in the Test Forum and just recently finished redux-ing it and stuff.
I wanted to show you and get your opinion on it, because I feel like it's missing something, but I don't know what gonk


Greteh Report | 11/20/2013 6:22 am
We need to get back to RPing xD
Greteh Report | 11/19/2013 6:48 pm
Yus that would be glorious~
Greteh Report | 11/19/2013 6:00 pm
Omg that would be awesome!
I had this fun-as-hell Steampunk Mythical Roleplay that took place on a bunch of floating islands, all dispersed by races (mostly Humans & Elves, but that was only because there was literally like 3 people that entered) that are all in a peace treaty, but it's shooken up when there was a discovery of blueprints to create a massive weapon that could destroy one of the islands. No one knows where it originated from, or who, but it would include all beings to find out, and either take for themselves to rid the islands of it.
Greteh Report | 11/19/2013 3:59 pm
Oh man I know exactly how that is @_@
I myself an not a huge fan of those first two kinds of RPs, but they are interesting, and I would love to see the Guild revived!! heart
Greteh Report | 11/15/2013 9:11 pm
Yeah exactly gonk
What kind of RPs will you be opening/joining?
Greteh Report | 11/15/2013 7:19 pm
It really was! I really had fun, and It really helps me with my literacy xD


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