wat im wearin!!

my wishlist!! <3


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me <3

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TDCHAMPION Report | 05/27/2010 3:32 am
Once I join a crew with you its only temporary meaning if I leave zomg we won't be a crew again. I'll join your crew though if we ever play together.
TDCHAMPION Report | 05/26/2010 3:37 am
New weapons are called "rings" in the game, in order to earn a ring you can kill a animated [monster] and the ring will pop out of it or you can do missions to earn rings. To invite people to your crew you click on the person you want to invite and hit the double arrow >> [going down]. There should be something that says invite and you click it. If the person is far away from you that you can't see him, you can go to recrewt and find his name on the list than add him.
TDCHAMPION Report | 05/25/2010 3:28 am
You just have too keep killing and ranking up. Than you can do what they call "boss" games. Meaning you fight with a crew and get lots of gold. I'll help you, but my week is gonna be busy this week. sad
Ishiguro Taeki Report | 05/24/2010 3:34 pm
Ishiguro Taeki
So. I hate to tell you this but Harp is a b***h...And told me to tell you hes breakin up with you. Dont take it the wrong way. He just doesnt know a beautiful woman when it Slaps him in the face.
xX Eun Sung xX Report | 05/24/2010 12:16 am
xX Eun Sung xX
Hi nkalimutan ko na password ko...ngayun ko lng na reset =D
grandmastertubbs Report | 05/23/2010 5:05 pm
:O <.< >.> lol
grandmastertubbs Report | 05/23/2010 12:01 am
hay sexy =D
Xx_AznWafflez_xX Report | 05/16/2010 8:36 pm
kk just tell me when ur going to go to rally or something
Xx_AznWafflez_xX Report | 05/16/2010 8:25 pm
hey do u wanna hang out?
Xx_AznWafflez_xX Report | 05/10/2010 11:50 pm
hahaha yea not really anymore =P
how are u?