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Currently Collecting Fish & Aquarium Decorations!
3 Fish obtained: Aquarium Penguin, Aquarium Submarine Ticket, Aquarium Mini Monsters Laceback Galoshes, Aquarium Mini Monsters Alpha Gram, and kokeshi doll.
Decorations Obtained: Devil coco sticker, Aquarium Sea Grass 2, small yellow flower, and bamboo's.

Donaters List - Hurray!

September 2009
Murashi Kaiyo: Gift of the gods - I love you! in a friends way =P

October 2009
Caffeinated McKayla: Aquarium Mini Monsters Laceback Galoshes - Thanks! =3
SimplySimon: Aquarium Sea Grass 2 - Thanks =3
Dusty Dream: Seracila Pendant - I love you so much right now * u*
Kaylin Fakkyuu Monk: Kokeshi doll - Random gift but i love it =3
ooLay: Angelic Lace - Thankies =3
Pyres: Butterfly Mantilla - Thankies * u*

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My Characters: Consider drawing my oc's?

Rei Sawatari
Age: 21
Height: 5'5
Weight: 115 pounds
Personality: Bold, mild, rash, considerate, polite, insightful, and patient.
References: Home outfit, and Black rose battle suit.

Leah Norewind
Age: 17
Height: 5'4
Weight: 102 pounds
Personality: Bold, mild, rash, considerate, polite, insightful, and patient.
Leah is a smart tomboy character whom works for mistress hiromi, she was born on july 4th, ????. Leah has good senses and has a very sharp mind she functions best when under pressure or in battle, leah can also come off as clever cause of these traits and cause of her wit however even in battle leah will try to be careful and always looks for the safest ways so she is not reckless. Despite all of leahs skills she doesn't have much physical strength however she makes do with her speed and special abilities which are activated by the electric core inside of her body and her Distruption Glove the vary thing that keeps her alive, she is also a very ambitious person even back when she was a kid always aiming to become better and protect the one she loves hiromi, she is very protective of hiromi and also very passionate about it and about the things she does. She is very bold and is not scared in the face of danger however she wont rush into things and is very patient but she wont let her guard though, leah is a shy girl though whom doesn't talk much and doesn't often interact with others besides with hiromi.
References: Beta outfit.
Personality: Sharp, patient, clever, ambitious, bold, careful, introvert, passionate, and protective.
Additional:If possible i need her outfit to be changed, shes supposed to have demons on her glove and its supposed to be more high tech looking sort of like a thin gauntlet.

Himemia Himeko
Age: 13
Height: 4'8
Weight: 92 pounds
Personality: Random, organized, forgetful, bashful, careful, lonely, eccentric, eclectic, and Perplexing.
Himeko is strange and mysterious girl she was born on September 18, ????. Himeko at times can be seen as random for her weird choices and actions towards things for example making things up with no logic or reason behind them, while just being a scatter brain and with an forgetful pattern. She can be very organized at times however it usually back fires on her at the end when she forgets how she organizes things, she is a very perplexing individual. So even though she is a very weird individual she does have a good and caring heart and is just a silly girl who enjoys the simple things in life, and lastly she is very eccentric and loves doing all those weird things she does as she finds no wrong with them.
References: Main Reference, School outfit reference. 10, 15, 21, 18, 14, 1, 12.
About: Himeko is a spirit world princess, she is a ghostly and nature and does very strange things but is a kind hearted girl who just wants to have friends. She is able to control spirits along with non-living objects. Her colors are black and purple and her symbol is that of souls.
Other: Important read – Colors for reference or base idea for that main here, Reference. (Left) But instead I ask you to change it up a little to make it look better, and maybe make it a little longer. Please try to keep the colors black and purple though, and also remember to make it spirit like and nice. Also make sure spooky and spirit like, but with an innocent and beautiful touch if you can. IF not that’s understandable, then just make what you feel is right ^^

Age: 17
Height: 5’8
Weight: 126 pounds
Bust: 34C
Personality: Organized, relaxed, spoiled, ambitious, bashful, gentle, and influential.
Marilynn is a beautiful, talented girl with loads of potentials and with an amazing fashion sense she was born on February 10th, ????. Marilynn love’s to dress up in many outfits and to show off her natural beauty. Marilynn is a gentle girl but she is also very impressionable and usually follows the crowd with her friends but being as the bashful girl as she is Marilynn usually doesn’t say much and just follows what her friends in an relaxed manner. But Marilynn was born from a rather wealthy family and she was quite spoiled when she was a child, however despite all that Marilynn turned out to be a nice well mannered girl with a gentle heart for the most part with an amazing talent she was blessed with a wonderful beautiful singing voice. She has a strong ambitious touch towards her singing also she works a long side Mira Mitsuki.
References: None yet.
Likes: Attention, dressing up, dogs, flowers, showers, ocean, dancing, singing, blue eyes, and clothes.
Dislikes: Persistence, cold, messy hair, fire, failing, and haters.

Age: 14
Height: 5’1
Weight: 96 pounds
Bust: 30B
Personality: Kayori ???? is a nekomimi with decent looks, and with an above average IQ she was born on April 10, ????. Kayori is a young genius she is only 14 years old however her IQ is that of 146 but even though she is bright enough to get into college she still attends average middle school classes. Kayori is a very clever and smart girl she loves to learn many new things and enjoys researching things but at times has a hard time sitting still do to her trait of always wanting to rush into things, so basically she is a very ambitious person her most interest is within that of technology and of ancient architecture she is very serious with her work and loves every minute of it. Kayori as stated is mostly relaxed and calmed at mind however that is not fully true... as she can easily become rather energetic when focused on something she enjoys or wants to do and after all she is still a cat so she has high curiosities, and with that comes her biggest weakness and that is for sugary snacks because when she consumes them she basically becomes a different person and gets a sugar high off of them, as her body desires more and she becomes a sugar manic looking for more snacks to satisfy herself bouncing off the walls and doing whatever she wants, kayori still has some sense though during it and she can control them to an certain extent. She usually settles down after she gets full or in around 20 minutes of not having any other sugary snacks, she well lose focus of the snacks if her mind gets sidetracked to by something she likes. More to know about are cat-girl is that despite everything she is still a slightly kind girl and does enjoy helping people even though she prefers to be left alone most of the time or at least not bugged, though no matter how she tries to hide it she is a very sloppy girl never cleaning up her own messes and prefers to just leave everything just lieing around and usually just wears what she feels like. Lastly kayori is often labeled as a sassy person as she always makes smart remarks towards certain things and loves teasing others she likes or just finds fun or easy to tease! But don't worry she knows when to much is to much, her favorite is stupidity or dumb comments.
Likes: Learning, playing, sugar, blankets, food, running, and friends.

Age: 19
Height: 5'8
Weight: 115 pounds
Bust: 34C
Personality: Conservative, random, organized, cultured, ambitious, domineering, and perplexing.

Melody Lock
Age: 9
Height: 4'0
Weight: 53 pounds
Bust: 34AA
Personality: Spoiled, sassy, relaxed, gentle, lonely, confused, and childish.
Melody lock born on may 23, ????. Melody was born from a rich family and was spoiled most of her life intill the day her parents where killed, she's a very beautiful little girl with a voice to match. Though she has never once left her mansion intill the day her parents died so she was a very sheltered girl, though that doesn't change the fact that she a very spoiled girl; always wanting things her way being seen almost always ordering people around her to do stuff and always telling them without any second thought about their feelings. On top of that she's also very sassy and can act quite childish towards things especially when things don't go her away or when a problem occurs. However despite all that melody is actually a very gentle and sweet girl, she loves nature and loves to have fun however after her parents died she became very lonely and confused so this is why she has become just like her sister use to be cause she's scared. ((Additional note: Melody loves to sing and she is very good at it though she stopped singing after her parents and sister passed on.))
Others: If you could please draw her smaller and make her more little girl like then shown in the references, she only looks that way cause my friend sucks at making children. Also please change her outfit to more of a singers one or that of a little princess but don't make it to dolly, and you can change the outfits color to anything you want just make sure it fits her also you can alter her hair around but only alittle bit keep the base there, just you know make it look more original.

Mira Dream Avatar: What can't be seen can be scanned. 10, 15, 21, 18, 14, 1, 12.
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