The First, the Original, the Mir

So you want to know about Mir. I'm just that. Mir.

I'm the first. I joined Gaia on September Twenty-Third, Two Thousand Three (09/23/2003). I am very particular about my name, and do not enjoy the countless Mirs that have cropped up on Gaia since the inception of this account. But hey, nothing I can do about it. I live with it, just as they live with not having Mir for a name.

When I came upon the name decision I was pondering and pondering on a name for a few hours. I wanted something easy to remember, spell and appreciable. In the jumble of names I brainstormed, including the use of a few Dungeons and Dragons characters I settled upon Mir. A pet form of the name of my childhood heroine's Americanized name. Yes the idea of simply using the full name passed my mind, but was tossed out shortly after.

I originally frequented the first incarnation of the BloodBath Bar in Gaia Commerce using a simple Kitsune girl as my character. One day I'll pull up her profile and put it in my journal but until then, just wonder what went on in those days. And how I miss them.

Moving on. I'm in a happy relationship and completed college with two degrees. Joined this weird thing called the Army. Deployed to Iraq, Qatar, and recently the initial RAF rotation throughout Europe.

I enjoy Roleplaying, both in Play By Post fashion and in Live Time chat, but mostly I prefer the lost art of sitting around a table with a bunch of geeks and rolling dice while pretending to be an Elven rogue with a penchant for shooting roosters when they crow in the morning.

More will come.

Highly Important!
I do gladly donate to people's quests; HOWEVER, I do so at random, and when I deem your quest easily endable after or ended because of my donation. Asking me directly for a donation will only land you upon a little list I have in Notepad. It's called a blacklist. I do not donate to people that come to my profile and ask/beg for a donation. Once you have managed to find your way onto this list it is a difficult manner to make your way off, usually it is not until I forget about your existence on it (Not likely, as you probably noticed, I don't tend to delete comments.)

If you desire a donation so badly, I would suggest just tekteking a questbar. You might get lucky that way.