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I am usually not on too much, if I am on I'm in the MM shop lurking, or rping with friends in my rp guild. If you want to join let me know and I will send you an invite.

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I'm Minyaagar! You can call me Minya for short.
I have been on here for about 5 years give or take a bit.

I live in Missouri, and live at home with my parents. >>
I do a lot of different things for fun, when I'm not working or watching my nephew. Mainly writing, drawing or knitting. I like making socks, and hats and scarves and fingerless gloves. :3

I love roleplaying my 15 drow. Feel free to check them out here:
Badass Drow If you want to rp with me..pm me! Or if you want more info..let me know!

If you want to check out any of Min's art or stories go look at her DA account:

PM Min if you'd like to do an art trade. She loves collecting art! heart

God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit
Friends...she couldn't live without them.
My Nifty Tablet! <3
Gorgeous sunshiny days-Music-Singing
My church-Drawing-Sketching-Writing.
Knitting; socks, hats, scarves, bags
Art trades-Getting random art-
Getting random pms
Roleplaying Like a crazy fiend!
Hanging out with friends/my sisters

People who use ebonics or say="where you at?" It kills me whenever I hear it.
MOST Rap music
Mushrooms/raw tomatoes/olives/stuff my dad creates
Spending a month on the road
Idiots in general

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iWrox Report | 06/12/2019 12:22 pm
Aw, I'm sorry to hear about your mom. Glad that you're doing well otherwise. I've been thinking about trying to get back into drawing, but trying to figure out how to go about it, media wise. I'm familiar with discord and have an account, but I don't remember my login info lol.
iWrox Report | 05/30/2019 7:09 pm
Awww, thank you! heart I know, I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people myself. How've you been?
Kora Tepes Report | 08/13/2016 6:37 pm
It's okay. ;3;
It happens. ;3;
Kora Tepes Report | 08/12/2016 8:07 pm
Hello there. smile
extinc Report | 08/04/2016 8:45 pm
ah xd i don't know who scorpius is though!
extinc Report | 08/04/2016 8:44 pm
oh that's not bad! haha, too bad i've already invested way too much on my 4 year degree gonk crying
ahh, it's whatever i guess. -u -

have a good night!! heart
extinc Report | 08/04/2016 8:15 pm
ooh interesting! part time masseuse? i've always been interested in doing that part time too, my mom says i have the "heavy" hands for it lol.
don't you need to take a class for that though?

omg i've.. heard a lot of people complain about that book lol.. x'D. i'm not a big harry potter fan, though, tis just what i heard haha. how is it so far?
i've only seen the movies *scurries away in shame*
extinc Report | 08/04/2016 7:54 pm
*snoogles!* heart
me too, ahh. gonk it's my third year in college and things are just ...A MESS. just like the family rn pff.
hbu? where've you been spending most of your time on now that ernya's gone? crying
extinc Report | 08/04/2016 11:18 am
hi minya! : D tis i, tei! how've you been!?
Sumthing Awesum Report | 07/31/2016 4:32 pm
How are you?