Since I seem to be that dazzling sparkle in you eyes, I might as well tell you about myself- that is your desire is it not?

    I am the slightly, insane Minxku with the odd obsession with cows, I do not know when this obsession truly began or how it came to be...But it made me realize something, something that most people would laugh at- that cows are extremely cute...Which turned me into a hoarder of Beefee The Moga, the best looking cow Gaia has to offer up to date.

    I am a girl, who comes and goes with many names. I'd prefer if you'd call me Scarlet, but I do not mind if you call me by your own nickname for me- in fact, I'd be quite flattered. In case your haven't figure it out yet, I am one of the many females of Gaia. I have roamed Gaia since my beginning date, in late 2009.

    If this did not suit your desire enough, feel free to private message or comment. I'm not afraid of a little, friendly chat.

    If you seek to find a Gaia lover, please go else where. All though I am up for some types of roleplay, having an actual relationship is a totally different thing, and is off bounds.

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