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venom_virus Report | 07/23/2013 11:42 pm
Hi! :3 Message me I'm back!
SpongeyGirlUnlimited Report | 10/13/2012 3:33 am
It is an idea from Persona except they're characters from the video game Blazblue. smile LOVE YA, GIRL!
MegaManX297 Report | 08/21/2012 10:37 pm
Hey rach al ghul biggrin
Kuscah Report | 08/16/2012 12:57 pm
Yeah, i got lazy over summer but it's all right, i'll have to work hard when school starts to keep up my grades, not that i have bad grades anyway, and how's your day?
Kuscah Report | 08/15/2012 11:04 pm
Worring about school the whole summer, sleeping, and being lazy. nothing to do this summer it's boring and only 3 weeks left, I regret not signing up for summer school. crying
Kuscah Report | 08/15/2012 9:17 pm
yeah, how you've been this summer?
Rue Archer Report | 08/15/2012 8:59 pm
Right? But i'm going to work hard on the gold, i'm almost there c:
Rue Archer Report | 08/15/2012 5:33 pm
No sadly...but it's the only thing I can use unless I can get that nightmare thing...that shadow could be Mary neutral
Kuscah Report | 08/15/2012 5:29 pm
*late reply* Hello back emotion_c8
SpongeyGirlUnlimited Report | 08/15/2012 10:02 am
Hello, darling!