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Friends, friends, friends... :D


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iGHEIRHAERIHAEOIHAEO Report | 05/15/2014 3:24 am
Itchigotchi Report | 07/25/2013 6:19 am
Aaah! More songs! Hurrah! *adds to my reccomendo~ playlist*

T-ara! Hey! Have you suggested their stuff before? They look and sound suspiciously familiarrrrr.
Dripping tears had a kinda cool film clip, and a catchy chorusy bit *does the dance while wiping tears away*
Haru Haru was kinda boring, but MBLAQ made me laugh. Oh man, those outfits, and the 'please dont leave meee' bit in the middle of rapping, I broke out into laughter.

Ah! And I already know quite a few songs of Yuki Kajiura's, and they're just lovely.
I have the choir music for an acapella version of interlude 02, intermezzo, and liminality. Those girls get such a great blend though!
Itchigotchi Report | 07/08/2013 7:04 am
Yes, I think I like all of them? xD
I made a little playlist called 'reccomendations' hahah
The one with the girls group 'we were in love' has a reaaaaaaaaalllly boring music video though, but I like the psuedo-rapping in it
Beast Fiction is cute, I like the imagery in it, and Monkey Majik is soo funny with the little clips of english that I can sing along with, and then like, my singing devolves into gibberish xD
Four seasons is pretty, seems kinda typical though? But upbeat and cute, and I like the key changes. Sakura drops, I really like the timing? Do do do do doooo that little keyboard riff gets stuck in my head.
Itchigotchi Report | 07/06/2013 2:56 am
Done and done ;D
Well, half listened and downloaded, at least.
I had trouble finding "Mou nido to - Beni" though

It got me in the mood to listen to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu xD
One day I will learn the dance moves to that film clip, and look like a complete dork doing the correct actions AHAHAH
Itchigotchi Report | 07/05/2013 12:46 am
Does it have helsing/alucard level gore, or more? Or more realistic?
Kpop and jpop are huge genres- care to suggest a few songs? 0:
I recently discovered a music group called jrabbit and have decided they're my ultimate mellow listening tunes >·<
Itchigotchi Report | 07/04/2013 1:39 am
Hmmm... I havent watched any animes in a good while. Nearly half a year, I suppose.
The last one I watched was Rosen Maiden, which was about a guy getting these magical dolls.
Each of them has different attack powers related to things like roses or feathers or crystals
They're all sisters, yet they were created to battle each other to the death, in order to become a real girl.
Obviously this causes a bit of trouble for them. I liked the costumes >.<
I'm currently not listening to anything- my mother keeps talking to me and I'm bad at aurally multitasking, so I have to take out my earphones.
What have you watched lately? What are you listening to?
Pink_Dreamless_Midna Report | 07/03/2013 10:50 am
jaa :3
Itchigotchi Report | 07/03/2013 12:55 am
Hahaha, my 'idiot' is fine, I think. A little grumpy, as always.
His loyalty bar is low, too, so maybe he is feeling a little traitorous today too.
Myself? Not having a great day either- but on the upside that leaves room for improvement, I guess.
How is yourself, and 'Sting' (Is that what we named it?)
Itchigotchi Report | 07/02/2013 6:51 am
True, True.
New towns is a little clunky, has so much odd stuff, and lots of random people who aren't really there to chat.
Plus the loading times. Plus you cant collect trash and bugs in the main areas of new towns.
I figured I better get used to the new one though, because they're moving everything over and they'll delete old towns one day. *sigh*
Comment me if you're wandering about with nothing to do and I'm online, we can play something fun c:
Itchigotchi Report | 07/02/2013 4:45 am
I used to, but my net is on a limited connection these days, so I can't anymore.
I mean, I physically can, but the lag kills me.
What I've been playing most recently is actually puzzles @w@
What about you?

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