+ I'm cynical, bitter, an avid book-lover, and kinda Chinky.
+ I like sweets, cute things, gore films, cold weather, physics, video games, dancing, and foreign languages.
+ My XBL GT: Mini Chew
+ I dislike hot weather, spicy food, small dogs, children, and scary movies.

I don't know what else to say.


My poetry and life, and the world's current issues.

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Of course you can~! ^-^

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of course we've met up, silly! in fact, We've done more than meet, and go on dates and stuff. He always comes here though, because he has more freedom to go on planes and stuff. I'm deadly afraid of crowds, so I hate going to airports, and losing my way. I have no sense of direction, so I just know all the trouble I'll cause. I know! I think I'm bought and sold so many items, so be losing gold because of inflation. I just hate that if your "questing" it means that you have to beg to get something, Because then these people who are donating what you to show how much you really want it. It's like "I already know how much I want the items, making me beg for it does not really prove anything besides showing everyone how much of a jackass you are" People who have "expensive items" think they're all cool and s**t. I hate when they make fun of newbies. Everyone started out with nothing. Making fun of others does not make you superior.
Oh that's okay! I used to take breaks from gaia too. In fact, I don't play much on weekdays, because I actually have somewhat of a life. I'd rather not though. I'm not a school person, and I tend to forget about homework and assignments and such. But yeah, what i probably would do, is forget about your username. I'm horrible forgetful with names, I'll be honest. And since, it's an avatar and not a actual person's face, I'd forget that too. But if you talk to me from time to time when you get on, I'll remember you!

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I'm actually moving to Cali next year!
Not LA though, Lancaster.
I'm gonna live with my bf. We've been together for 4 years and s**t.
My boyfriend used to play Gaia, but now he's not much of a fan. [The girl stole his money too]
I remember when he used to have a Katana. It wasn't so expensive then. Now everything is super expensive. like seriously?
Only fools and suckers have 23mil in they're account. Or you're gonna have to be a 30 year old playing Gaia. What I hate the most is someone adding me to ask me for money. I donate from time to time, but I have to like you. I don't beg for items, so I don't think you should either. I miss the times when people were friendly here. Now everyone calls each other bad names, like it's nothing. I've found really good friends here, but they're not a lot, and I'd lost more than I'd care to count.
I know Apple is has this whole costumer thing going on because of Steve Jobs. I'm not a whole lot into technology stuff. It hates me, trust me. My boyfriend though, he's a wiz. And the one who tells me what i'm usually doing wrong.

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I live in Florida. It's super hard here to find a job. I'm hoping we can move though. Really hoping.
Oh, there's a specialist for everything. My boyfriend has a Mac, and he says if you go to the store and if you need repairs they should be relative nice about it. I don't know how costy it is or anything, so I'm not gonna get your hopes up without all the facts.
Oh, I usually wear cheap stuff too, (look at my boats, skirt and ect). I think all those people who just dress their avatars with super expensive items have way too much free time. I mean, sure, I'd like to have some more gold. But it;s not real money, and it's not something I need. I'd rather just get by with what I have. Just like people who hack? I've been hacked 3 times, and every time was from the same girl who thought that my life was perfect and wanted to make me "pay". Puh-leez. My life is far from perfect, and if you really need fake money to make yourself happy, then you have issues.

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That's why you go to a Mac specialist.
Oh, I' m a user since '07
I've changed my username like 4 times though.
YW, I wish I could give you something more valuable, but all I have is what I'm wearing.
I clutter. :l
Although I'm trying to fix that.

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Are you new here?
I already sent the trade. 3nodding
Yes, it's a PC until I can get Mac.
I really want a Mac, but it's impossible until I can get a job.

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My computer get's into bad moods, turns off, by itself and sometimes when it gets into happy moods [very rare] the internet is super fast and awesome.
Before it used to redirct me to other websites and links, but ever since I bought her that new battery, she's been more behaved.
Christine is like a spoiled child. :l
I don't mind donating. :3

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Just chilling.
Do you have any other stuff?
Want me to donate you some? :l

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I've seen you around.

Report | 12/27/2010 3:24 pm


True, perhaps you should make an RP with me : 3


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