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Location: A place called hell called home.


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I am more than a girl who perdomentataily dresses in black and tight jeans. I am more than the sterotypical outcast emo i am labeld on sight to be.
I am a writer and a proud non-conformist.

My boyfriend is my best friend and i cannot cease to love him.
Forrest is i guess really my best friend.
Ariana is my chair. its really aweful how many inside jokes we have accquired over the year and a half I've known her.

Emo music, I am sad to say is my passon. Victory is my label. Silverstein is my favorite band. June , Atreyu,panic at the disco,Four leetter lie,Capsin,Adien,Maryilyn Manson(is my idol),The Atum Offering,RingWorm.
(omg dose this ever happen to you? like your ipod is filled with wonderful artists and i cant remeber them. like all the meatal/emo core ppl.)

War is bad and drugs are amazing.
America has corrupted and overfed its youth,defy authority!


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Rain_of_Glass_Petals Report | 02/29/2008 5:41 pm
not yet. i will put em up soon
Extrapolatron Report | 02/28/2008 8:54 am
People practically beg to be labelled. If people don't want to be labelled, they simply don't conform to any particular style or trend.

The thing about emo is that they call themselves non-conformists, and yet their style is completely mainstream. It'd be nice to find a supposed "non-conformist" that could think outside the box.
Blank_Rocker Report | 02/26/2008 4:31 pm
yup this is eevry but how od u make a playlist in gaia anyway??
Rain_of_Glass_Petals Report | 02/24/2008 11:11 am
i didn't remember the song was from shrek until my friend told me XD. Imogen Heaps better in studio recording then live though.
Extrapolatron Report | 02/23/2008 11:44 am
Why exactly are you emo? o_O''
L 0 0 S E Report | 02/22/2008 8:38 am
o jot :]
the_blue_cat Report | 12/27/2007 7:33 am
Reflecting God!!! User Image User Image

a molly quote, "Marilyn Manson is one disturbed kid...."
-Darth Oreo- Report | 11/15/2007 2:30 pm
ello wifey!
-Darth Oreo- Report | 11/10/2007 4:21 pm
happy belated birthday!
the_blue_cat Report | 10/02/2007 1:31 pm

Its so hard to see,when you eyes are rolling in the back of your head.
Its even harder to speak when everything you say just comes out wrong.

Look how pretty she is when she falls down.