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Gender: Female

Occupation: Writer, Drawer, Gamer, Eater, Sleeper,



C'est Qui?

"Est-ce que voulez-vous rigoler avec moi aujourd-hui?"

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I'm a very simple, carefree individual, and I don't let what others say get to me as much. Or simpler, I don't care for others opinions most of the time. Um, I am very sensitive, too.

I love to write, think, draw, listen to music (KPOP!) and sleep on my spare time. I'm very empathetic: a rare trait for people to have nowadays. I don't like being surrounded by many people on a daily basis - I like being by myself. Just give me a pen, a notebook, a computer and some peace and quiet and I'll be alright.

I have a few good friends. I do not have many; the few friends that I do have are very, very precious to me. I'm not what you call TOTALLY sociable.

Um... Lastly, I love rabbits. Very, very much! Especially albino rabbits (white fur; red eyes. No, they are not scary!) I do not own one, BUT I WANT ONE.

That's all I have to say about boring ol' me!

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