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Well, for starters, my name is Angelika.
(My friends call be by my first name)
I won't tell you my *real* name unless you get to know me! ^~^.
I do NOT accept random friend requests.
Did you get that?
Meet me in Zomg? Nice.
Meet me in the towns? Cool.
See me anywhere else? Awesome.
But that doesn't mean that you're my friend.
In fact, I'm a complete and utter stranger to you.
On this account, I mainly do zomg.
I'm what you guys call "random".
This is my "random" side.
The side strangers don't normally see.
My main account goes by well, I won't tell you.
She's really rich though.
See? I'm not a noob. I know my way around gaia quite well.
My Asian smartness helped me with that.
You say, "Oh! she must be Chinese!".
Don't automatically assume that Asian=Chinese.
I never said that I was Chinese.
My friend is Chinese though.
You should consult her about it.
But I highly suggest that you refrain from doing that.
That is, unless you want your inbox spammed with insults.
And guys, if you think that my avatar is cute or whatever, do not try to flirt.
My cousin does it all the time.
It's annoying as hell.
My answer is no.
I'm 13 for God's sake.
Now you know a bit more about me.
Nevertheless, you still do not know me, so stfu with those random friend requests.
You see my friends list? Well those are my real friends. In real life.
Bye now~


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