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Registered: 02/27/2007

Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/08/1990

Occupation: Graphic Designer

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Alex | She/her/they/them | 20-something | North Carolina, USA

Girlflux pansexual graphic designer with a horrible internal clock. I love kittens, mozzarella sticks, pastel pink, gore, gothic lolita clothes, toy collecting, zombies, and witchcraft.

Feminist, Hyperion shotgun enthusiast, Timothy Lawrence fan, Dark Brotherhood Assassin, Sheogorath worshipper, practicing witch, General of the Minutemen, part-time blogger, full-time procrastinator, and Artistic Something-or-Other of the Universe.

It's called Fashion.


Outfit Quest

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Ƭσтαℓ мαяκɛт Ѵαℓʋɛ: 13,154p

User Image Kuro's Induction
User Image Little Lucie
User Image Eyeshadow Sweep
User Image The Absurd Hatter
User Image Definitive Daeva
User Image Dark Royal Elven Hair
User Image Wintry Legion
User Image Ghastly Sartorial Slay
User Image Ghastly Incandescent Hauntress
User Image Ghastly Stoic Mage
User Image Midnight Princess Pony
User Image Bird-brained Ghastly Friends
User Image Ghastly Solemn Lady of Death

Note 2:

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Last updated April 9, 2018

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PanPan-Panchi Report | 04/08/2018 7:25 pm
AAA it shows, through splendor!
PanPan-Panchi Report | 04/08/2018 12:50 pm
OMGGG what a lovely !!! avatar!! And your about me!!! Super interesting!
thebrokenpixie Report | 01/12/2018 6:36 am
Thanks so much for your purchase. Nice profile. Peace
Butterfly Bumps Report | 12/25/2017 5:43 pm
You're welcome
Silverstar_Cross Report | 12/24/2017 2:50 pm
The original owner of that account got hacked something really nasty, whom you're talking to is said original owner's second account actually.
But to prove that said owner and I are one-and-the-same, here's a few notes: Doctor Who is amazingly epic a series, but the RP communities for it on Tumblr are VERY
hit-or-miss even without the Dark Lord Scholfield involved.
Another thing is, I may not always agree with Renkon(Root)'s and Daikon Nairu's notes but I'll defend to the death(or at least until memory-wipes or maiming.) their rights to say it.
And third thing is, while the Camp Half-blood chronicles is bloody brilliant, the wikia for it is utter HORSE$HIT!!!!
Fourth thing is, The return of the Dot Hack Universe as of November 2017 is a Gods-given blessing, and that the World of Madoka Magica is beautifully well-done.

Need I say more or is the image of Homura next to my avatar enough?
Silverstar_Cross Report | 12/23/2017 6:28 pm
Were you on the books forum sometime in the past?
Oh and wait a minute, did you hear about Homestuck before or mentioned something about the High Princess Athena/Minerva of Olympus?
Silverstar_Cross Report | 12/23/2017 4:59 pm
Pleased to meet you too, Minerva so wanna talk?
xXx Jackel xXx Report | 12/21/2017 6:12 pm
Oh why thank you~! ^.^
OtakuKat Report | 11/13/2017 4:44 pm
Thanks for buying 3nodding
XxKinari the lost soulxX Report | 11/07/2017 1:49 pm
Hello! I just wanted to say thanks for donating Dark Inner Strength because I can totally utilize it for later avatars. emotion_bigheart