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If you wish to get rid of some RIGs, I might buy them/trade them/take them off your hands! PM me with whatchu got and whatchu want!

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Alex | She/her/they/them | 20-something | North Carolina, USA

Girlflux pansexual graphic designer with a horrible internal clock. I love kittens, mozzarella sticks, pastel pink, gore, gothic lolita clothes, toy collecting, zombies, and witchcraft.

Feminist, Hyperion shotgun enthusiast, Timothy Lawrence fan, Dark Brotherhood Assassin, Sheogorath worshipper, practicing witch, General of the Minutemen, part-time blogger, full-time procrastinator, and Artistic Something-or-Other of the Universe.

It's called Fashion.


Outfit Quest

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Ƭσтαℓ мαяκɛт Ѵαℓʋɛ: 13,154p

User Image Kuro's Induction
User Image Little Lucie
User Image Eyeshadow Sweep
User Image The Absurd Hatter
User Image Definitive Daeva
User Image Dark Royal Elven Hair
User Image Wintry Legion
User Image Ghastly Sartorial Slay
User Image Ghastly Incandescent Hauntress
User Image Ghastly Stoic Mage
User Image Midnight Princess Pony
User Image Bird-brained Ghastly Friends
User Image Ghastly Solemn Lady of Death

Note 2:

[[ Wɪsʜʟɪsᴛ ]]

July 29, 2018

~900 items --> ~300 items

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rinnayeo Report | 11/11/2018 7:45 pm
Hello! Thank you for the purchase! All the best completing your outfit! heart
Emperor Pilaf Report | 10/15/2018 10:20 pm
Sweet Travis Touchdown avatar! emotion_brofist
pixel sushi Report | 10/14/2018 4:03 pm
heart Thanks for the purchase! whee
Crimyri Report | 10/09/2018 3:00 pm
Thanks for the purchase! yum_strawberry
BrigmoreWitch Report | 10/07/2018 4:33 pm
heart heart Thank you! I love your avatar, don't see too many NMH fans heart
Emo Alpha Raist Report | 07/29/2018 8:59 pm
Hahaha! Gimpi was awesome! though I always liked to be smok the dragon.
Emo Alpha Raist Report | 07/26/2018 11:36 pm
Hahaha yeah, back when death whisper was every ones dream item.
Emo Alpha Raist Report | 07/25/2018 11:23 pm
It reminds me of the old days. but no worries
Emo Alpha Raist Report | 07/25/2018 1:10 pm
Hiya! I think you have a amazing Avi.
Orange Kotoni Report | 07/01/2018 3:11 pm
Thanks for buying~ heart