My name is Minako, which means Beautiful Child of Love! I have luscious, long blond hair and bright blue eyes, I'm only about 5'2". I'm a bit boy crazy, energetic, and foul mouthed, but that's okay! I thoroughly enjoy sports, volleyball being my favorite. My favorite foods are pulled noodles, curry, and spaghetti; I really dislike Shiitake mushrooms, though. Oh and I also have one pet, a my cat named Artemis. My dream is to be a star one day!

Thank you so much Bi-Ryu Chan for the 100k gold towards my quest and the Magical Girl for my dream avatar! (:


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Mars Star Power Make Up Report | 07/26/2014 9:06 am
Mars Star Power Make Up
Your avi is sooo cute, Mina-chan~
Luili_Chica Report | 04/18/2014 8:34 am
loveee the avi!
cloud9mode Report | 01/17/2014 10:00 pm
awesome avatar and profile!!
Neptunes Grace Report | 11/15/2013 11:04 pm
Neptunes Grace
User Image

Hello Sailor Venus.

~ User Image ~
don lothario Report | 07/22/2013 5:20 pm
don lothario
Love the avi! And your profile! So cute heart
The Moonlight Densetsu Report | 07/20/2013 9:01 pm
The Moonlight Densetsu
Thanks! I think it's worth it if you don't stress for gold. Whenever I get it, I get it emotion_c8
ranakatina1004 Report | 07/19/2013 10:57 pm
Hey! I saw you had changed your outfit earlier today/yesterday! Did Mina go to prom? She looked so pretty!
res novae Report | 07/11/2013 11:38 am
res novae
Perfect Sailor V avi! heart Well done!
The_Deadly_Mr_Nice_Guy Report | 07/01/2013 12:48 am
Do you RP like that?
You seem pretty dedicated =3
The_Deadly_Mr_Nice_Guy Report | 06/30/2013 10:40 pm
I love the avi!
Sailor Moon outfits aren't done enough if you ask me =P


Minako is Sailor V

Minako is Sailor V's avatar

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Birthday: 10/22

Occupation: Fighting crime


Sailor V! V for Victory! V for Venus!
Code Name: Sailor V! I have unrivaled style!
The soldier of justice,
the sailor-suited beautiful soldier.
I am Sailor Venus!!