~ Me being Me... ~

~ Name: Call me Minako/Mina

~ B'day: 27th November [Get me something]

~ I am a Sailor Moon Fan [heart]

~ I'm lazy, moody, stubborn, really annoying and pessimistic

~ I'm from Australia- Australian-born Asian! v(^-^)v

~ Some stuff I LUFF … ~

- All the Sailor Scouts!
- Most Chibi Drawing
- Rambling about random things
- My stuffed toys especially Pegasus <3
- People who treat me nicely...

~ Some stuff I HATE … ~

- Pervs
- Suck-ups/Wannabes/Slutty People
- People who insist I’m wrong
- People who can’t take a joke
- Exams... and other stuff

~ B'day Wishlist ~

- Complete Set of Any Sailor Moon Series
- Sailor Moon or Card Captor Sakura manga
- An MP3 or MP4
- Unlimited Download Internet
- Entire set of Anita Blake series books
- A black/dark blue/white shoulder bag [but not too big]
- A new mobile, computer, speakers, printer, scanner, radio, personal TV in my room...
- Perfect scores in my exams
- and the perfect boyfriend


~ Minako Hino's Journal ~

More or less, This is me... Welcome to my life.


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i'm vietnamese i'm asian

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hi! how are u.. maybe u have forgotten me... we met sumwere at the town... were really good friends... oh never mind.... am just dropin' to say HI

so.. HI!♥♥

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Cloudless Azur

Report | 01/06/2007 3:15 pm

Cloudless Azur

Bleach rox even better than tsubasa resovoir chronicles(how du spell reservoir?) so ha and black mokona is cuter than white mokona razz
Cloudless Azur

Report | 01/06/2007 3:14 pm

Cloudless Azur

Haha raiding YOUR comment box mwuhahahaha
Cloudless Azur

Report | 01/06/2007 3:13 pm

Cloudless Azur

Make that two
Minako Hino

Report | 01/05/2007 6:20 pm

Minako Hino

Of 15 people in Year 8 of NSG, one person is lonely and rejected

ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja
ninja ninja ninja ninja
ninja emo ninja
ninja ninja
Minako Hino

Report | 01/05/2007 6:16 pm

Minako Hino



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