I've decided to make a return after a few of years...
There are too many changes to comprehend!

If you have stumbled across me and can be bothered to read more here are a few things to know about me:
- 25 years of age
- English
- A Gaian Lurker
- Gaia Age: 8 + years
- Lover of all things victorian inspired etc...
- Avid artist
- Enjoys the horror/supernatural genre
- Inspired by anything and everything
- Charity worker
- Follower of fashion
- Technical whizz
- Hates rhubarb
- Make up maniac
- Friendly to those who are friendly to me
- Forever questing due to inflation
-For more please PM


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Report | 12/02/2011 12:37 pm


Thankies i like urz too ^_^ 3nodding
toxiic raiinbows_x

Report | 12/25/2010 4:04 am

toxiic raiinbows_x

Merry Christmas! whee

Report | 12/03/2008 10:46 am


Lauren!!! How ish yuh?
Se7en of Spades

Report | 06/15/2008 9:53 am

Se7en of Spades

haha, yeah the 64 was great. it started so any great game lines too. User Image
Se7en of Spades

Report | 06/15/2008 9:09 am

Se7en of Spades

eh, nothing really... just sitting around watching tv.

thinking bout hitting up the wii but I'm in a lazy mood
Se7en of Spades

Report | 06/15/2008 9:01 am

Se7en of Spades

Heey... just read your about section... first time through I didnt realise it scrolled. User Image

You're pretty cool. User Image You can be the person I talk to to quell the boredom User Image

Whats up?
Se7en of Spades

Report | 06/15/2008 8:56 am

Se7en of Spades

Woh, cool little profile. User Image

Report | 06/10/2008 1:58 pm


Yayyyy <3

I know but today my friend made me wave to him it was funny because he looked weird and waved back

damnnn he iss sooo cute <3 xD

Soo how is your "boyfriend"

Luff you

Report | 06/09/2008 1:05 pm


Ahww!! *huggles* Drink lots of fluids

I am great great!! I saw him we were talking after school but the thing was he started the conversation not me so yay!!

Luff you <3

Report | 06/07/2008 6:31 pm


Yummm.. I'm jealous xD

Ahwwww the cutest couple xDDDDDDD

I agree but I don't really like Indiana Jones so.

Luff you


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