Hello visitors. How goes it?

I ought mention a few things about myself. That's generally what these profile things do, right?

I'm a college student working toward that HAS his associate's degree in English (Creative Writing, to be more specific).
Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror seem to be what I enjoy writing most, but really, anything is fair game (from poetry to non-fiction to flash fiction and more).

Now working toward my Bachelor's Degree in English.

-Avid gamer, D&Der, and Magic the Gathering enthusiast-

...Also, I tend to change my avatar a lot.

Usual Character: Malcolm Brand
Age: 35
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 182 lbs.
Hair: Red
Skin: Fair
Occupation: Private Detective
Bio: Malcolm has lived in the same bustling metropolis all his life and watched as it rotted from the inside out. Sure, the day cast its warm facade on the concrete and glass. Its skin is no different from any other city. But venture out at the wrong time or down the wrong street, and you're liable to see the city's true nature.

Malcolm's father was a police officer, one of the finest, who dedicated much of his life to the profession in a city where an effective police officer was rare and, more often than not, short-lived. Despite how seldom Malcolm interacted with his father, he held a great deal of respect for him, lending itself to Malcolm's decision to follow in his father's career footsteps. But the similarities were soon to end.

Malcolm's regard for the officer's code of conduct was a far cry from his father's , and his tactics were noteworthy in both their efficiency and unorthodox nature. He spent much time within the city's underbelly, learning the world from which the criminals spawned. His father feared Malcolm's interactions would lead to a downward spiral, ending with Malcolm becoming a criminal himself.

Much to his father's chagrin, Malcolm explored the many organizations that lurked in the shadowed alleys and under the rain-slicked streets. He learned to be savvy, cunning, and, when necessary, brutal. These lessons did not come without cost: they deadened him to the glory of police work, especially after seeing so many fellow officers mingling in underworld clubs, swapping dirty money with kingpins. While most cops were content with halfhearted patrol, Malcolm devoted himself to rooting out the true criminals. But, when Malcolm finally tracked down and arrested a high-profile crime boss, it nearly caused a riot in the precinct. Too many dirty cops, too many strings to pull. Neither Malcolm nor his father could do anything. When the boss was released on a technicality, Malcolm resigned as an officer.

That did not stop him from investigation, however. He was a bloodhound by nature, and he was as devoted as ever. The underworld knew his face and hated it, but they also knew his reputation. The run-of-the-mill cases paid the bills, but recently, Malcolm stumbled on a case that hinted toward something larger at play.

And it all began with a body and a note, addressed to Malcolm, and signed:

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I am horribly offended I am totally taking it the wrong way razz JK this is urban for mina early 1920's I just think I would try something new and the hat Oh I built this look around it lol thank you as always for the kind words

xoxo mina
Samuel Grant

Report | 05/09/2012 5:01 pm

Samuel Grant

what is it supposed to be? you look like... a Norse God of some kind eek

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    omg cute avi.

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Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai cardy. c:
Professor Nep Nep

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Professor Nep Nep

thank you for buying my item
BL Narutofan1023

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BL Narutofan1023

Thank you for purchasing! Come again ^_^

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Finally a buy lol.

Thank you heart .

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Great "mimes" think alike. wink (@ both of us using 2 Sherwood items)

Captcha: Myopics Travel

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Alex! It's Kayla!!!

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"Those who revel in the brilliance of the Sun,"

Yes, that name does sound really familiar! I remember you now. As to how we met is still a mystery, I am glad to hear you are enjoying your new look. And no worries, it was nothing major to worry about, I was really just curious. Thanks for refreshing my memory though, and have a good time! Oh, and now I forget what events transpired that led me to comment you about all this. I hate my memory, or lack there of, lol.

"Should take time to dance under the Moon"