Yeah... Milo-face. Thanks, Totto! ;o; <33

I've been here awhile and that's what counts. Me>You. End of story.

Not really. :/ You're pretty f*ckin' cool.

I've had a lotta names (Bi Bear, Corn Flake, Flakey, etc.), but Milo works best. ;3

I like free art, cuz drawing your own stuff isn't as fulfilling. Not to say that I'm a bad artist. Ass hole.

I'm an avid Dir en grey fan, maybe not as hardcore as Totto, but thereabouts.

I'll listen to most things, as long as it's not sh*tty rap about your b*tches and bling. Or sh*tty country. Sixties and seventies dance music is out of the question. But everything else is good. ;D

Bri is the best person I know. There.

Uhmmm... Uhhhhh... ; 3; <3

(Bye now)