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A Journey into the Mind of a Doggy

^-^ My thoughts.... although I'm very forgetful and will most likely forget to write in it a lot! Oh well! It'll be fun and random to read!

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I'm a 23 year old aspiring artist (graphic and traditional) who intends to revolutionize the world with her art and may or may not be part golden retriever... 0__o

heart I'm both the most responsible and irresponsible person I know!
heart When I die I hope to return as a wolf or a raptor... nature's greatest triumphs! XD
heart I am the biggest avatar fan you will ever meet! <3 .... and even bigger SuperJunior/ KimHeeChul fan!
heart I have an unnatural talent for the pogo stick and will probably wind up as a pogo-stick themed superhero.
heart I'm often way too hyper and random for my own good and seek out those who can deal with that!
heart The greatest joys in my life include doggies, anime, manga, comic books, art, music, nature, horseback riding, hiking, drawing, singing, para-para, cosplay, tree climbing, movies, corny jokes or cheesy pick-up lines, candy, JpopKpop dancing, videogames, random misadventures, and being w/ friends.
heart Drawing is my life... if I ever break my right hand, that's the end... (until I get a cyborg hand! DUN DUN DUNNN!!)
heart One day I will travel to Japan, replace Momoko, and none will be the wiser! BWHAHAHAAHAA!!!
heart I am very protective of my packmembers ... er... friends! I love them and worry about them whether or not they realize it.
heart My friends and I have a cheesy jpop/kpop dance group... why? Because we can!!
heart I am very easily amused and just as easily distracte--- HEY LOOK A PUPPY!!! ::runs off::
heart I loathe Bob Dylan --- The kicker of puppies and destroyer of innocent children's dreams!! ((*NOTE* some of this information may be exaggerated...))
heart I absolutely love my dog, Mr. Buddy-Love even if he is a total pimp!

Basically I am someone simply trying to live my life as fully as possible because it's the only one I have! I intend to see everything, do everything, and travel everywhere! If along the way I am able to influence even one person's life for the better then my time has been well spent! Life should be an adventure and that's how I intend to live it! (Wow that was cheesy! XD)


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Helen-Usagi Report | 03/14/2010 4:37 pm
You're right...I do look steampunk. Hehehe. I never noticed. I just put what I thought looked good after I made other people tektek's.
I'm good. Online, but you are not here. Hopefully will see you online later. ::hoping::
Helen-Usagi Report | 03/05/2010 11:05 am
iSae Report | 09/22/2009 9:37 pm
Wow! O: So you have the like 03' items and stuff? D;

I'm good. School is okay and my classes are too early for my own good DX
iSae Report | 09/22/2009 11:56 am
Awwthank you heart I seriously didn't know you had one. LOL How have you been?
iSae Report | 09/21/2009 7:38 am
Lalalala~ This is Janel from Uarts! LOL I AM psychic! heart
iSae Report | 09/20/2009 8:14 pm
Deanna I have found you! <3
Helen-Usagi Report | 09/08/2009 6:47 am
Otaku4_life11 Report | 06/05/2009 7:01 am
ooo noes >.< oh right i did that cuz i was getting spam things uhm i'll freind ya now kk then send the PM
Helen-Usagi Report | 02/22/2009 10:31 pm
Yea. I'm really into it now. And loving it. Yippie. Skippie.
Helen-Usagi Report | 02/15/2009 1:18 pm
Yuppers I still go on. Actually A lot more than I used to, but lately I have had a lot of work that I just go on and off of Gaia.


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I do IRL hand drawn commissions - Please Feel Free to PM Me
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Please support my awesome anime/jpop/kpop cover dance group "Bananarama!"
<3 LOVE YOU! <3



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