A Little Somethin, Somethin About Meh

Once Upon A Time,
There Was A Bored Teen Named Scarlet.
She wanted something fun to do.

Her favorite cousin Kiana called, and told her
about a website called "GaiaOnline."
She tested it, and turns out.....She loved It!

She enjoyed it so much, she gained many
companions and close friends.

She stayed on Gaia for whole years.
That's how much she loved it.

Her virtual besties were bellathebarbie
and x-iiRaver.
And Thus, My Gaian Life Was Born!

Now, Are there any Questions?
Hit Meh Up! ;D

Oh, P.S. My fav color is Neon Blue. I live in New York.
May move to Cali. I said May. And I'm 17.