The name's Ashe/Mimi. Demiromantic/Gay/ Gray Asexual/ Nonbinary Transgender guy. Highkey, I think I'm a dumpster fire. I do try to be kind to everyone. Social stuff is hard, I'm autistic. I have a pet dumbo rat named Charity, two mice named cookies and cream, as well as a blue ironclad beetle named Blueberry Beeble Juice. I rp sometimes. Lowkey just want friends I can actually connect with.

About my RP OC
Personal Status
Name: Rose
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 5'03
Eyes: ever changing
Hair: always changing
Sign: Cancer
Arm: Right Handed
State: N/A
Hobby: Makeup, baking, crafting, painting, scaring kids, walks at night, creepy cute things.
Favorite Drink: tea
Favorite Game: Pokemon
Rose is a shape shifter, he hates his true form because he feels it looks far too feminine. He can come off as being rather cold or even snooty, but in reality he just doesn't know how to deal with social things. He may look scary but he is actually a big crybaby.

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