I've been playing bass guitar for about nine years now
I've also started playing a bit of acoustic guitar
I listen to way too many different genres of music my favorites being Indie Rock/Alternative and k-pop
I have a bachelors degree in Microbiology
I love science, (theoretical) physics, astronomy, neuroscience among others
Just because I have a college degree it does not automatically make me "smart"
What I'm Like...
I'm 26 y.o.
MBTI personality type = INFJ
I've come to realize that I can be very awkward at times
Vegetarian for almost 4 years
I will hopefully be getting my first tattoo soon
I have a total of eight piercings
If you're a good friend to me, I'll be an even BETTER friend to you
I try my hardest to be very open-minded
I believe in compassion & kindness above all else
I'm a lucid dreamer
Since I'm a MAN of science *chuckles* I don't believe in the paranormal but I do believe in aliens
Video games are a big part of me
Dragon Age Inquisition & Final Fantasy XIII-2 broke my heart
I have a 3DS XL, a DS lite, Game Cube, TWO PSP's, Xbox 360, PS4, Wii U, and PS Vita
I'm a TAD bit crazy
Things I Like
You wink
I enjoy reading. It's my escape to another world...in my brain
The types of books I most enjoy are:
The Magic Realism Genre, Science (Physics & Biology), Sci-Fi, Noir/Thrillers, Novels, Self-Help Books, Fiction & my favorite: FANTASY
I enjoy martial arts movies
I love elephants & sharks
Sharks fascinate me to no end & I will save them from the clutches of evil humans!!!
I have an uncanny passion for turtles & jellyfish
I like:
Frolicking through fields of sunflowers
Cats man, cats
Favorite author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez & George R.R. Martin
Favorite Movie Directors: Antonio Gonzalez Inarittu, Quentin Tarantino, & Zhang Yimou


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