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This About me Section is orginaly made by XoShmAshleyXo(Ash)So please thank her for letting me use it.

About Miley:
Hey this is Miley Cyrus. Most people call me Smiley all the time.I love the color Pink a lot too.My birthday is November 23rd of 1992.And I have three of the most cutest dogs named Loco, Juicy and my newest puppy Minnie Pearl!!I love em all dearly! heart I love to shop with my budds like Mandy!And to talk non-stop.Like on the cell phone!Also to all my fans on gaiaonline.I care deeply about them.I also like to watch movies while eating Chinese food.Yumm.Im mostly a nomal 15 year old.If you take out the famus side of Hannah Montana,then yeah.lol!

About Mandy:
Hi This is Mandy Brianna Jiroux!Most people call me Mady but Miley calls me Shmandy.Yeah,a little werid.My favorite color would have to be Pink also.My birthday is September 20th.I really enjoy Shoping with my buddy Miley and to Dance too.Mostly every hour I would have poptarts.Poptarts are my favorite snack or as i call food!I have no animal but in my childhood I had a dog named Buddy!And to tell you I am mostly a nomal person.Just without famous stuff!So treat me like im normal too!

Miley found out about gaiaonline from one of her fans.She told her lots about it and it sound interesting and good to keep contact with all her awsome fans!Then told me(Mandy) that we should do our show on gaiaonline.So far its really cool!

Stars on Gaia:
Theres a bunch of Stars on Gaia that are real that me and Shmandy know.If you want to know any of them pm me and I will tell you one like Joe Jonas's or Hilary Duff's anybodys! But im only telling you one unless we make a deal or you mean a lot to me smile

Our Family,Friends, and Fans:
Theres so much to say.But I know that We both love my fans a lot.Plus Miley's awsome big family.Like She has 5 siblings,older paternal half-brother Christopher Cody, older maternal half-brother Trace, older maternal half-sister Brandi, and younger siblings Braison Chance and Noah Lindsey.Plus Miley's mom Leticia Tish Cyrus and my dad who's a singer too Billy Ray Cyrus.And that Mandy has 1 sister name Dana Jiroux.Thats a lot.Plus both of us say each other for best friend.But we cant ever forget or ignore our awsome fans.They also mean so much to us.Even when they brighten up our day.We enjoy that!And we Love our fans like family.Thank you Fans! heart

The Posers:
Theres a bunch of posers out there on Gaia.But mostly we are not one of them.But if flatters me and Shmandy that kids out there want to be us but Shmandy is'nt even famous so why would you wanna be a unfamous person?But also its still a little weird to steal somebodys identity but Im just dealing with it,So if Shmandy.Belive who you think is the real Hilary,Nick,Selena celbs out there.

Some people in the world who is in show buisness has lots of Fans and lots of Haters.But everybody has there own opinion.And thats okay,and we both understand.But If you hate either me or Shmandy,Don't Be rude or use bad language on our profile.Just if you think were poser's then don't come on this page then!Thanks

Currently Me and Miley have no regular myspace.So who ever says there me or Miley,Well there not.Miley does have a music myspace and its Myspace.com/mileycyrus.Also our MileyMandy Show has a myspace and It's Myspace.com/MileyMandyCrew.So Check us out.

Right now we are making buches of proof we are making a video saying we are real asap!But we have proof already and we're puting it up so everybody can see that we are in fact no posers so there you have it!Thats my proof!

Our Pictures:
Any type of pictures We have will go into our journal.So make sure to comment<3333 And Sometime's we might have picture's on our profile too.

Our Videos:
All our Shows will also go into our journal.So comment them <3333

We both have gotten many gifts on gaia like for my birthday and for just being awsome friends!Well if you got us one then your so awsome! I think its very sweet to give someone a gift so for now one if you give us a gift you will recieve one 2! biggrin

OfficialMileyC-Old account
MileyMandy-fan has it(moved account)
XoSmileyMileyXo-Miley Back up account
XoMandyJirouxXo-Mandy Back up account
If theres anyone out there saying there us they are posers n dont belive them!

Thanks and we love you all heart Email me and Mandy here:xomileymandyshowxo@gmail.com.Please no hate mail : ) Thanks
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