La la la la la
Whats up peoplez? smile
Valerie is a new happier person!
Sorry well im gonna post some new peoplez that r awsomness laterz xD!! heart heart O.o
Christmas ROCKS!!xD
Tygerr made this awsome sketch of me,on MSN!
User Image heart
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Hi my name is Valerie > biggrin
Im 12 years old and my b-day is on febuary 2
So give me a b-day present >:3
I have alot of friends biggrin
But these r my bestest ones!
Lorena (LCI) & Valentino ([.demon.ninja.])

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I live in Texas (which i dont like D smile
Hmmm I like to play DDR
I have 2 pets that live with me
A bunny & a miniature pinscher 4laugh
Their names are Pillow and Princess !!! whee
My favorite colors are blue and purple(BC's xD)
My favorite book is "Princess Aurora"(The fires of power)
I love to play football!And skateboard and iceskating!
Im really short!lol!And skinny biggrin

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Im an mexican american!!Yay meee!!
I go to 7th gradeeeee
My best class in their is Spnish >:3
why?Because i know spanish biggrin
Im nice always... biggrin
Unless u piss me off....
I never steal anything..
I love ~Random things~
And i sometimes keep promises >:3

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I love to listen to music!
Go onto gaia towns
Umm I love rainbows!
And muffinz! biggrin
I have a lot of friends on gaia and in real life!
I heart Gir!
I love nachos xD And Slurpees biggrin
My favorite season is Winter!!'
I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xD and hugs biggrin
And i love icons as u can see biggrin

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My hobbies r :
Running,sports,eating chocolate!skateboarding
Football and other things biggrin
I love rocky road ice cream heart
And alot of candy!!!!!!!
Im usually on msn hotmail..
when im not here-Hotmail...-kittyprincess101198@hotmail.com
And yea,thats pretty much it about me
If you want to know more which i dont
think anyone does...O.o
unless u stalk then Pm me ... biggrin
Thank u very much for reading this biggrin


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MileenaKitana's Journal

My name is Mileenakitana.(My username)My real name is Valerie.I am 12 years 0old but in febuary 2 I will turn 13.As most of you know that someone hacked my original account mileenakitana.Which I still want but I dought I will get my old account.Like



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Report | 04/28/2007 2:45 am


The Depressio

Report | 01/30/2007 5:27 pm

The Depressio

I came to see if u still were on gaia. Are you?

Report | 01/12/2007 11:43 pm


she got hacked D:

Report | 12/28/2006 10:15 am


Hello did you quit or get banned ?

Report | 12/04/2006 5:14 pm


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User Image Where's your dog sh*t? D:User Image

User Image

Report | 12/02/2006 10:24 am


ahhh what happened to your account?

Report | 12/01/2006 3:26 pm


what happend to your account

Report | 11/27/2006 5:49 am


What happened to your account? :O
Kain Lyon

Report | 11/26/2006 10:41 pm

Kain Lyon

Not much at the moment, I just woke up an hour ago so I haven't fully woke up yet.
Oh, what for will that petition be?
K e y k i

Report | 11/26/2006 7:33 pm

K e y k i

Eep! Where are your clothes? o.o


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