Hey there!
    Welcome to my profile :3
    The name is Mildt – it’s my first name combined with a chocolate companies name, Lindt. So please don’t call me Mild. But, you can shorten it to Mil if you’d like.
    I live in Canada, where there are mooses and igloos, eh ?
    I speak English and Serbian. And I know a little French (:
    I'm 22 years old, and keep revisiting Gaia on spurts since I've just been here so long. : P
    Currently finishing up an undergrad in Biochemistry, then hopefully moving on to either become a drug dealer pharmacist or a researcher for new drugs/drug targets!
    I’m an easy person to talk to, though I can get shy sometimes (: &I make lame and terrible jokes so don’t mind me when I do.
    Boasting time: I made my own profile ehhehe (:
    Noww, since you bothered to read all that, I think you should bother with dropping me a pm or a comment as well, cause I'll love to reply.

    OHH, just want to mention: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!!! <333
    (when does a belated birthday wish be considered not belated anymore? xD)

    Click here to come visit me in lurk my joint Quest Thread (:
    This isn't active anymore, but keeping the link for nostalgia (':


    v been stuck in my head lately (: v