Stop reading my pro, you wont get any hopes from it.
No I'm not a troll, I'm just trying to put some sense into your head even though it might never happen.
Okay so you guys go on this site called Gaiaonline. You find that it's funny after reaching the level in it, where you're not called a noob as much as before. Then you start feeling that you should hate new people too, and quickly begin calling everyone that reminds you of your earlier self a noob.
You always thought noob was an offense, and everyone else thinks so too. No it's not an offense and wasn't made for it. Noob isn't offensive, it's just a way of telling someone that you find them to be new around your habitat.
Heck it even stands for "New On Online Battlenet", and this is not a battlenet.
As you're reading this and finding it offensive to you, it means you're one of the following:
ⓞ An attentionwhore teenage girl (or gay guy).
ⓞ A rich gaian that thinks he's not acting nooby anymore.
ⓞ A scripter, thinking he's leet cause he's downloaded a program to use only in towns.
ⓞ A modfag.
If you don't find this offensive on the other hand, then you might just be like me and don't have anything against noobs, but more likely hate most gaians you've met throughout the time.
I try to change you people into something creative and good for the world. Stop saying you'll quit or commit suicide.
If you quit then good, cause you're ruining your life on this site, just like me, and you might just get something good out of your life in the end.
If you suicide, then you're just being plain out selfish and not thinking about other peoples feelings. You'll also only have costed the world money and wont have been to any use.
All the drama you start on gaia is only annoying and a pathetic shout for attention, there's nothing for you to start drama about, gee people might even hate you for it, just like me.
You can tell me to quit instead of arguing about this kind of stuff, just because I hate it. But really that would be stupid, cause that would leave me in the worries that you people still do this, and all I can do is stand by and look at this stupidity.
Another reason for me to hate you might just be that I keep giving you attention and asking what's wrong etc.
While if I'm sad or in trouble you just go "awww". That's not helping. All I see in your "awww" is a symbol of you saying, "I'll talk to you tomorrow when you're amusing and wont say serious stuffz."
One more thing for me to hate you about is the thing you guys call "1337 typing" which consist of you ruining the english language by typing in a way that makes you sound unique, while really what you do is make typos that can be pronounces just as the word you mean does. I don't hate emotes though, use those as much as you want.
"Lol, Lmao, Rofl, Pml, Lmfao, Roflmfao, and all the others" They're okay if you only type Lol. But lmao and all the other overrated laughings are stupid, stop them, and if you start saying lol out loud in real life then you don't get the point of the word. Just saying.
THE COOL THING ABOUT GAIA IS THAT YOU CAN TALK ABOUT SEX ALL YOU WANT. Which just makes you socially awkward, and stupid because all you know about sex is the part you've seen on your comp, or when your gf let you try her out but you failed.
Oh and if you're a b-tard, just get off gaia. Don't get here for trolling because you're still a gaiafag, newfag,cancerfag and summerfag.