Hey there! Welcome to my profile that is now dead.

This actually took me a while to decide this, but I decided to quit Gaia all together. This decision wasn't easy considering I've been on this site for almost 10 years (on this account), and probably longer due to another account I left due to hacking. I've made a lot of friends on this site and even made a lot of memories as well. Thank you to everyone who were a part of my life on here. smile

If I come back on here, it will probably just be to make art freebies during art streams, but that will be about it. But that's all I will do.

If you want to contact me about art commissions or just in general, please look down below for my social media accounts. Twitter will be faster to contact me. If you want my discord info, please ask me on there first. I don't want to add people I don't know.