Welcome to my Recording Room!

Watashi wa Hatsune Miku desu!

~ My name is Hatsune Miku!

I am Vocaloid 01 And my color is teal. Yeah thats right, I said TEAL! That does not look green OR blue! It is both!

My character item is NEGI! Um..that's an onion leek incase you were wondering! ^^;

I sing, thats all I was made to do, but I would love to make friends with all of you of course! The more the marrier!

I do not have a family yet really, so if you would like to join me, dont be afraid to ask me~ Or click the link below!
Join my Voca Family~

And for your info, I did not come here to copy/troll/OR harrass you! If you think I am copying you then please, just dont talk to me if it bothers you that much, because I did not mean to! Really, drama's should be kept to one's self, and not spread. That only hurts people...

AND CLICK THIS BANNER!! Buy art from me and my friends! (I'm Tsukiko Hina ) Spread the word~
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Strobo Nights ~ Miku, Rea, Usa, Reisen AND Marisa!



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We're twins~ Mikukip is the evil one Owo

And..little Yuki staring at us xD

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